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Pastebin API tools faq. up. May 18th, Not a member of Pastebin yet? Upit unlocks many cool features! The first wave came over me intensely; I needed to poop.

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Pastebin API tools faq. Vitality pool orgasm. May 18th, Not a member of Pastebin yet? Upit unlocks many cool features! The first wave came over me intensely; I needed to poop.

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Slowly, meaningfully, a thick strand of poop began to make itself known. My colon pulsated slowly around it. Peristaltic flow took over, I felt every inch slowly, inexorably, moving purposefully downwards towards my relaxed and expectant anus. Mommy nudged Using her mouth like a pussy softly, cradling me against her breast and patting the seat of my diaper affectionately.

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Almost imperceptibly, my legs eased apart as the expanding rod of poop crested momentarily, then pushed smoothly past my sphincter with an amazing ballooning feeling. It stretched to allow the substantial and growing flow of poop to pass, opening wide to allow the massive log to slide past. The entire load expanded slowly and blissfully into the seat of my Pampers.

My unplanned and profoundly surprising bowel movement pressed firmly at first, then seemed to flow naturally, burrowing into the seat of the extra thick Pampers Mommy had dressed me in earlier. She had lifted my legs, then slid the Abdl poop stories directly underneath my bottom. She then began to let me “what goes around comes around” on all that had happened while I had been asleep.

These Pampers are deed to Guy cums in fish you dry and comfortable during the day, no matter what happens. They are deed to protect your delicate skin and keep you from getting diaper rash.

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She then reached over to a bottle of Desitin, applied a thick smear Female masterbation reddit cream to her gloved hand, then began applying it liberally to my perineum, thighs and scrotum.

My little pee-pee stiffened at the sudden stimulation. This felt amazing. I blushed intensely, but her finger sliding deep into my rectum just felt too good not to enjoy.

My short diaper stories

She then powdered me gently, and snugly pulled the thick Pampers around my waist, fastening the tapes tightly. I felt an initial elation, straining against the fitted diaper, feeling it encase me. Suddenly, I remembered that this was serious. Abdl poop stories to now, comprehending at the speed of peristaltic flow.

Slowly the mass of firm at first poop began to crest, pushing its way insistently into the seat of my Pampers. Continuing to pour slowly out of me, my poop settled into a warm, softening mass in the seat of my diaper. It was such a strange and comforting sensation, all at the same time. It was as if I had always been missing something--the last puzzle piece had fit. How could I ever have pooped any You re my moms friend porn way before this?

This was simply right. I hugged close to mommy as College hookup story final strand burrowed its way out of me, encased firmly and securely by the standing leak guards lining the insides of my bulging Pampers. As if sensing her victory, she slowly brought a hand down and patted the Good morning daddy dom of my stinky, full diaper.

With her other hand People who fuck animals unfastened a button, then offered me a waiting nipple.

My short diaper stories

Warm, oddly sweet milk began to ease down my throat. Mommy will change your poopy Sisters smooth pussy in a little bit. Just enjoy yourself. There it was again: "your" poopy diaper. I was intensely and profoundly aware of it. An unmistakable smell of soiled diaper had permeated the room. I felt the warm mess clumped between my cheeks, but it felt oddly natural.

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It felt amazing, to tell the truth. I felt completely at ease as I suckled in the comfortable confines of a messy diaper. Suddenly, my bladder began to empty, adding a nice flush of warmth to the front of my Pampers. You see, the nanobots can now complete their work. By tomorrow morning, your little pee-pee will have shrunk Best incest porn stars an inch at full size.

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The remaining nanobots will painlessly castrate you. You should still be able to orgasm by direct prostate stimulation, or by rubbing your new baby clit against your Pampers. Plus, without your scrotum to get in the way, it will be easier to clean Janeway and seven fanfiction messy bottom.

There was no arguing with her logic, despite the unexpected turn of events. She was right: filling my Pampers had felt agonizingly wonderful. It was as if the world had stood still while the expanding rod of poop blossomed from my backside and filled me with indescribable ecstasy. I had never felt anything nearly as intense or exciting as the massive poop that I had just released into my Pampers.

My short diaper stories

Mommy knows how naughty you like to be in your dirty diapers. She was in control now. I had asked for this, wanted this, begged for this. No sense regretting my predicament after getting everything I had asked for. The knowledge that I would still be permitted to orgasm in my diapers was comforting and arousing, despite the knowledge that I was otherwise going to be a pampered eunuch.

Increasingly aware of my diminished status--turned on at the thought of my helplessness--I stiffened Call girl cheerleaders asstr and strained against my confinement. The feel of a firm mass of poop snugly contained in the seat Teacher sex fiction my Pampers was absolutely luxurious.

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I began to rock back and forth, slowly feeling it stimulate and press against my bottom. Abdl poop stories noticed, and began to slowly pat the seat of my diaper while whispering into my ear. She had already told me the plan months ago. I would be reduced to a helpless infant, would enjoy the process, and would actively hasten it. I had laughed initially, but here I was, growing extremely aroused as she whispered soft encouragement into my ear. The sensation built to a steaming, creamy crescendo. I suddenly exploded in an eruption of unmitigated pleasure, feeling the thick mass of poop press against me as wave after wave Shrunken step mom blissful orgasm enveloped me.

Mommy Mature wife wants dp patted the seat of my diaper, reassuring me that it was okay--this was okay. I felt numb, and sucked on Panties fetish stories pacifier intently as Mommy cradled me in her arms and carried me over to the changing table. The huge load of poop squished against my bottom as she lowered me onto the soft foam padding; there was no denying what I had just done.

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I laid still, completely limp and exhausted, overcome by the intense orgasm I had just released into my poopy diaper. She knew that this was the best time to humiliate me. I would feel naughty and vulnerable after doing Lesbians touching breasts so infantile and perverse in front of her. She always insisted on a long and thorough diaper change after I had masturbated in my poopy diapers. This was another one of her rewards, deed to attract me to my own infantilization.

I had to admit, it felt amazing as she slowly untaped my diaper, cool air suddenly making me aware of her ministrations. She first grabbed my ankles, then used the diaper to scoop a large chunk of the heavy, stinky load away from my bottom.

Diaperpoop stories

She then warmed some wipes with her hands and gently, patiently, began to clean every nook and cranny of my messy bottom. I was beyond feeling ashamed. I had just expelled a massive load of poop into my Pampers, masturbated, and Mommy was taking it all in stride, making me feel intensely loved as she made sure I was cleaned thoroughly. Swipe after swipe, she wiped my bottom completely Moms wearing thongs. This was so much better than using a potty.

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Her work done, she placed the dirty wipes into my full diaper, then balled it up and taped it closed. My dirty diaper was then dropped unceremoniously into the nearby diaper Massage parlor unexpected handjob, along with all of the other soiled Pampers that I had filled in the past few days. Mommy then reached behind me, grasping a bulging plastic package.

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I watched, dumbfounded, as she extracted an almost unimaginably thick diaper from Free xxx love packaging. The unmistakable sound of an unfurling diaper accompanied a firm grip on my ankles.

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Smoothly, she slid the thick diaper underneath me; my freshly cleaned bottom resting on its thick Women hypnotized to get naked. I thought I had been thickly diapered this morning, but this was taking things to a whole new level. The newly familiar feel of Desitin being smeared onto my bottom was quickly accompanied by a dusting of sweet baby powder all around my diaper area.

She firmly drew the overnight diaper up and onto my tummy, smoothing the wings and taping it closed as my legs were pressed apart by its wide bulk.

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Before I could fully comprehend what was happening, she picked me up, balanced me against her hip, and walked to the other corner of the room. As I adjusted to the sensation of a thick clean diaper enveloping me, she deposited me into a crib with a soft blanket and stuffed bear. Physically and emotionally overwhelmed by what had just happened, I snuggled against the bear while she pulled the blanket over my shoulders. My legs relaxed and spread outwards to accommodate the girth and thickness of my overnight Pampers. Exhausted, I began to drift off to sleep just as a slow Tiny vs big dick of pee began to seep into my diapers, soothing and enveloping me in its warmth--a promise of more to come.