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Story Author Community Forum. Includes AUs and Crossovers. Pairings with any girls including harems. No BL boylove.

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Saving the world is a thankless job, that leaves you with little time for study. Unfortunately for Kim Possible, her grades need some extra-curricular help.

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Helen Parr aka Elasti-Girl goes undercover as a maid and ends up offering some unexpected Room Service. When she meets a young boy named Kay, her life quickly gets turned upside down as she discovers something unusual about him.

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Ever since the curse was set upon it, the Willow needed a life force in order to keep itself from going berserk. The people involved might have wished it had a different source for power though…. Following the events at the Department How to rub a cock Mysteries, wanders off and finds himself in the Chamber of Secrets.

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Harry and Hermione take a holiday in New York after the war. When vengeful death eaters come calling, will the Wizards of Waverly Place help or hinder them? When Harley fails to capture Batman, Joker decides to punish her in a different way.

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The Mockingbird makes the mistake of mocking The Black Widow. Bobbi and Skye enjoy a satisfying late night encounter in the gym.

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Hermione goes back in time to play with herself. Hermione will do whatever it takes to keep a Malfoy from her daughter.

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