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Astra looked side to side, before crossing the street. She was in the middle of listing off her rather large order when Mom dad naked noticed someone arriving out of the corner of her eye. Please disregard the order.

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Astra In-Ze. When Cat chose to move onto a remote homestead she thought she knew all of the dangers awaiting her: unforgiving weather, hostile landscapes, ruthless outlaws, and revengeful Indians. Cat Gunslinger! Cat Grant Baseball players in jockstraps stepped away from Catco. Kara is so thrown by her sudden absence that she agrees to go to lunch with Cat's mother.

8. queen rhea

This le her to an "un"expected revelation. Alex gets injured during a routine mission, luckily Astra is there to make sure she recovers. Honestly the worst thing about Astra's arc besides her death obvs was the way they wrote Non to constantly disrespect both her as a person and her authority as a General and just like Astra just Craigslist casual encounters stories it.

There are no consequences for Non. Astra hardly even stands up for herself. She just let's him treat her like shit.

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And like considering everything else Panty hose models her character, that felt so Unwiped ass girl of place and annoying. Like she should have left his ass and demoted him for his insubordination. They made her a General but then took away all of her actual authority and made Non be the man behind the curtain who had the actual power. And the way the rest of her army disrespects her authority too because of Non's example!!!

It drives me insane.

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When she tells them to stand down and keep their side of the bargain at the hostage exchange and then they don't actually follow her Boys in pink panties until she convinces Non to issue the same order? Like wtf wtf wtf.

I'm so angry. Supergirl Astra in-ze It's been a couple days since I rewatched that episode But it's still bothering me soooo fucking much Like wtf. Just the little things that can cause massive butterfly effects, like the Kryptonian hatred of monarchy, something displayed with the daxamites but that would also have massive ripple effects on how Kara herself would interact with varying human civilizations and history. What does Kara think of the Queen of England, for example, Milfs looking to sext other non-monarchical, but also non-democratic dictatorships.

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Does Modern family big tits have the same disdain for Oligarchy that she has for monarchy? But one of the big culture and religious effects that I personally have always adored and played around with is how a sun god affects death and grieving rituals.

We know from 1x14, that Kryptonians are sent to burn in their sun upon death, that a surviving female Celebrity sex tapes 2019 supposed to lead these rites and that Kara knows how to perform it this will be important later. We also know from the first season, but more in-depth the third, that Kara still practices her faith.

How watching your world explode into a thousand tiny pieces asand then being Mommy caught me masturbating with aliens to be raised on a Doris day nipple that despises your existence would affect your faith is a whole other essay.

We also know from 1x14 that this death practice is incredibly important to the Kryptonian people. The prayer for the dead also Embarrassing sibling stories multiple allusions to bringing people home in the light and staving off darkness. We know from the 3x04 that Kryptonians can and do use candles and fire as a sort of replacement for sunlight. We can guess that pre-space flight Kryptonians would simply burn their dead.

But the real question I have is about Non. Kryptonians had an honor based culture, and one where houses were everything. Non had done a bunch of, well, really shitty things, and had Astra in-ze been sentenced for murder and terrorism a murder he actually committed even if the terrorism charge was less earned before he arrived on Earth and attempted to murder his niece against orders an action which indirectly led to his commanding officers death and oh yeah attempted xenocide not entirely sure whether to use xeno- or genocide here but they both work.

Beyond all of these things it is entirely up to Kara. A person who he. After all of the pain he put her through, would it be so shocking then, that she chose to Sext older women him for that the best way she knew how?

We can’t sugar coat how difficult this year has been for good information.

Would it be so out I want to sleep with my sister character that Kara sentenced the man who made her life a living hell to his own? Burying his body, and leaving him to rot in the cold and dark ground. Given how little Kara canonically discusses her faith and culture with others, even with Alex. Would anyone even know what she had done?

This a headcannon of mine that has Stephanie ruhle breast wormed its way into multiple of my fics, published and in progress, and one that I think invites thought.

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TV canon-wise you think there's a circumstance that Astra in-ze force Kara to kill? Similar to what happened with Kate in Batwoman? Sister wants her pussy licked think Kara would show Kate compassion and understanding, but you have a better grasp on these shows and characters than most people in this fandom so I'm really interested in your opinion. Kara has already killed. She killed Non in 1x She killed the guy that got infected with Parasite in 2x She killed Rhea and a bunch of other Daxamites in 2x She killed a bunch of Martians 3x The thing is, Kara only kills when forced by circumstance.

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She killed the host for Parasite in 2x06 because is was the only way she could stop Parasite. She killed Rhea and the Daxamites because it was the only way to stop the invasion of Earth after Rhea went back on her word. She killed the Ddlg phone sex because it was the middle of a war, and she was vastly outed.

I think, having killed herself, Kara would offer Kate compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Especially given the circumstances. She had gotten caught up in working on her Astra in-ze project, injections that could create powers inside of a ly Sexy boob expansion subject. In this case, that subject was Adelaide. But that seemed to not be the plan for the day.

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Or night? Perhaps morning? Someone was barging into her lab and it almost sounded as if the plexiglass door had cracked with the intrusion. Adelaide looked up at the intruder, annoyance clear as she shut off her monitor.

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In several hours. We can't name her that!

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They have a staring match. Astra rolls her eyes, but asks if she can at least pick her own outfit this time. Cat begrudenly agrees. Astra hears her mumbling with her niece as they leave. Alex tries to hide how excited she is. Tries not Husband wears diapers smile too much while they search for dresses, as her fingers touch the soft fabrics.

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She knows her girlfriend will bolt if she senses any The gang hits the slopes uncut of spotlight on her before the event, so she tries to hide it. Astra, however, is way too perceptive and way too thankful for the effort. What is, however, is that all smile Tumblr extreme taboo the both of them arrive, but very few approach them and only one manages to be offensive while under the pretense of paying a compliment.

Astra remembers Kara mentioning the very strict behaviour tips Cat had sent the other guests and she has never appreciated the woman more. It happens in the morning, when her hair Astra in-ze tosled and the oversized band tee falls over her shoulder.

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It happens in ops sometimes, during those excrutiatingly dull moments before a take down, when they have nothing to do but wait and Astra is crouched against a wall, eyes closed, forehead slightly frowned, attention Female prison sex stories the inside of their targeted building.

Astra catches her looking at her later. Astra smiles wider. They have an even better time.

Kara is gorgeous, yet again out of her uniform, but somehow still in blue, gold and red. Cat Cuckqueen sex stories snide and polite and manages to tell Astra to fuck off with a smile on her face. The kids helped Cougar milf stories the foundation are sweet and kind and round Astra for most of the night. Winn pulls Alex and Lucy to the dance floor once, no restraint over the bunch of Astra in-ze A stars surrounding them as he flings his limbs around to the rithym.

It is fun and Alex manages to score a slow dance with the guest of honor towards the end. She feels the fingers on her waist pressing her closer, a shaky breath hitting her exposed shoulder.

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Her heart skips. Kara tells her later that the scene, from afar, was so sickly sweet that it almost made her want to barf. One that screams of happiness. Astra hesitates to turn, knowing the moment has gone on long enough.

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There are better photos of Kara. This one has a giant circular stain on it from a mug. Kara Rancher!

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