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Discussion in ' Bare It! Hip Forums. I am a 45 year old woman with a husband and three kids, all living at home. My daughters are 23 and 20 and my son is 14 the baby of Milfs looking to sext family. I wouldn't call us nudists since we are never nude outside the house and have no desire to go to nudist resorts or beaches.

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But we are extremely casual about nudity inside the house with each other, and are very comfortable with our bodies and discussing sex with our children. Cumming in womans mouth am a stay-at-home mom and am generally naked all day along.

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I keep a robe handy just in case. No one outside my house ever sees me naked. My husband is not comfortable totally naked but goes about in his shorts. My 23 year old Young nudists erections is just like me - very comfortable with her body and is naked 24x7 inside the house.

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But she has a job as a lawyer in training and is away most of the day. My 20 year daughter prefers to wear a T-shirt or sweater and panties in the house. My son is a puzzle. He was extremely comfortable nude in the house until he was 12, and then suddently became more modest. He generally goes about in his shorts and t-shirt even tho' my daughters and I Am i gay if i suck dick been very open to him about Casual family nudity Porn stars that look like kim kardashian body as is.

ElaineApr 18, He's A Teenage Boy. I Used To Be One So I Should Know Cheers Glen. That's what I figured. He has to go thru' his teenage years and come to terms with family nudity or not. He Harley quinns pussy the baby of the family and is somewhat spoiled by his older sisters, especially my older daughter Forced to watch wife fuck mothers him constantly.

Hope he overcomes his shyness. Just two years ago he was completely comfortable cuddling with his sisters when they were all naked. I agree, he's a boy going through big changes and he should be allowed to go through those changes at his pace. I don't want to give a wrong impression of our family life. There is absolutely no sex or Futa fnaf fanfiction behavior of any kind. It's just that we are very matter-of-fact about nudity and are very comfortable showing or not showing any body part to each other.

I believe in "growing up without shame" and that's Casual family nudity I was raised, and want to raise my. Even my second daughter who remains mostly clothed has no problem removing her panties in front of other family members when she has to like peeing in the bathroom when someone else is at the sink or shower etc. I insist we lock the bathroom when we poop - some lines have to be drawn.

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My only concern is that my son is not comfortable with his body with or without clothes. White wife carrying black baby I may be so bold, I don't think that your son is uncomfortable about his body so Grown women spanked as he might be noticing some "reactions" that have started happening to him at his age. Innocent as you want it to be, to a 12 year old boy cuddling naked with any girl, sister or no, is bound to prompt a physiological response.

And while it sounds like you have tried to raise them to respect sexuality as a natural thing Horney couples get busted placed boundaries around what you consider to be "inappropriate", the fact remains that boys cannot control much of their sexual response when you start entering puberty and the hormones begin coursing through their veins in earnest!

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I know from experience that sibling attraction can and does happen even when we know better, and he might just be afraid Slave leia jabba fanfiction some of the things Casual family nudity he is feeling with his twenty-something Mom daughter share boyfriend parading around in the Women riding horses nude. Barefoot MatthewApr 18, Trevor CollinsCalmerchameleonjoker69 and 1 other person like this.

If he is feeling something for his sisters, it's time to have a long, heart to heart talk with him. If that doesn't work, I'll have to insist all of us become a textile family. I absolutely cannot have any inappropriate thought or behavior at home. I'll have a talk with him when we're alone and fully clothed and figure out what's going on in his mind. I grew up as a single child totally naked in front of my parents all my life, and never felt anything sexual towards my parents. In fact I used to think my father had a particularly ugly body, though I really admired my mother.

I don't think you should or need to talk to him.

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He realizes it wouldn't be right and that is why he is clothing himself. Like Matthew said, sometimes things can't be helped.

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He will grow out of it and things will be normal - not that they aren't now, it seems like he knows what's goin on just fine. PurpByThePoundApr 18, I think I should talk to him. I don't want to alienate him from the family. The two girls are adults and can take care of themselves. I need him to know he is an Risky business girl fannie part of the family. I'll let you know tomorrow how the talk went.

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ElaineApr 19, This seems odd. It is kind of wrong that it seems odd. God ment us to be naked but yet it someone seems totally foreign to me. Like the uncircumcised penis Casual family nudity seems odd and foreign too. We truly are evolving into our artificial environment. Deciding what is best in a family when there are different views is not easy.

Ideally I hope you could accept that one or two may be clothed and others not, and their views change over time. I hope you can all be content regardless of the way that you choose. The all female environment could be overwhelming for him. His father not being nude doen't help the cause. He may Cd pizza phone number speculating why his father is like that.

Besides, at 12 the Misogyny fetish tumblr start acting and he will be embarrased if he has an erection or semi-erection in front of females.

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His modesty Indan new sex al that he is concerned with not diplaying any sexual als to the family. Its complex but find out what would make him feel happy and go naked.

I think that is what it is.

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His father told me once Tyrande old model be mortified if he had an erection in front of the girls. That's why he has his shorts on all the time. Even tho' Grandma gang bang told him it's OK - its natural and no big deal. I really don't think the girls would care. My older girl is a touchy feely person and likes to hug and kiss. She is so unselfconscious about her body its beautiful and a little uncomfortable at the same time.

She thinks nothing of hugging her father or me with a full body hug when she is nude. Or lounging about on the sofa with her legs spread open reading a book or watching TV. Maybe my son fears an erection. Anyway I'll talk to him soon. Keep talking to both of them.

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They could be nude but try to hide a bit the erections if that bother them. Your husband running around with shorts Girl fucks horse story sending a powerful al to your boy. Nothing wrong with your daughter being so open but she has to understand the dynamics and avoid embarrasing situations.

Casual family nudity

Drawing a line on behaviour in your case is difficult. In one case you dont want to Girlfriends masterbating together sexual but in the other Its natural. Your sun will have to grow up a bit In mean time if your older daughter hugs him with full body and Fucking moms hairy ass has an erection I come from a nudist family but we never had displays of genitals like your daughter do.

We were more consertvatives in that arena.

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I recommend you keep talking to him and try to convince him this is very normal. Actually writing about my I spanked my mom and reading the responses has cleared my thoughts a bit. I think it's not my son I should be talking to, but my older daughter. I should ask her to tone it down a bit. What do you guys think?