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Sean decided to change himself into a 17 year old cheerleader. After all, if he was going to try out a female body temporarily, he wanted to have a young attractive one unblemished by age while still being physically mature.

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And Real spanking pass would be so thrilling to have the body of a high school cheerleader since, back in his high school days, the cheerleaders wouldn't give him a second glance, as he had been too much of a nerd.

But now he would get to experience a body like theirs anyway. So, he typed in the necessary commands though there seemed to be so many that he got impatient and filled in some of the last few answers to questions like "Others' Perception of Reality" whatever that meant randomlytook off his clothes so he could watch Cheerleader tg tf changes as they happened and pushed the save button quickly and nervously, accidentally double-tapping the button which meant the changes would be "permanent" How to ward off a succubus changed again instead of being just the one-hour Body swap m2f stories that he had intended.

But he wasn't worried because he could always just change himself back with the Chronivac, so he stood up and waited for the Chronivac to take effect. It was an amazing sight.

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It started at Sean's feet, Super hard core sex became smaller and dainty, while the toenails became painted red. And then upwards the change continued, up Sean's legs, which became thinner, and more feminine, while the thick hair on his legs vanished.

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Then further up it went, Gay castration story his knees, towards his crotch. It was the strangest sensation as his balls seemed to be sucked up inside his body while his penis shrank down to an almost inificant size, becoming a clitoris. Sean barely had time to register all the details before he realized he was looking down at a feminine slit with a light dusting of neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair where his manhood had formerly been. Now, he was a she. She was amazed as the other changes happened: the pelvis reshaping, the buttocks filling out, the waist becoming slimmer, the chest hair vanishing, Gypsy curse removal so forth.

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But those seemed so minor compared to what happened next as her flat chest ballooned My first sex teacher mrs cannon into two large mounds, C-cup breasts. She reached to cup them with her big manly hands and couldn't resist squeezing them and playing with the sensitive nipples as the transformation continued up to her shoulders and down her arms which became less muscular and more feminine.

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Soon her man-hands had become delicate girly hands, with long fingernails painted the same color red as her toenails. And the changes also continued up past her shoulders, to her neck, her face, and her head.

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She could feel Spanking stories illustrated changes even if she couldn't see them as she became a beautiful and cute seventeen year old, with shoulder length wavy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, a tiny nose, and full red lips. And now the transformation was complete.

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She had become in every physical sense a seventeen year old girl. A cheerleader who couldn't cheer would be pretty worthless after all.

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Fortunately, it had worked. She now knew a large of cheerleading routines that felt very familiar and she knew that she could easily perform them with skill. But now what? You are not logged in. Log in. Story id:.

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Guy is turned into a cheerleader – tg transformation story | tg tf | male to female transformation.

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