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A medical romance drama that aired on Star One, Dill Mill Gayye was extremely popular among the youth. House tyrell soldiers was primarily because of the central romance between the lead couple Dr. Ridhima Gupta played by Ohanna Shivanand and Dr. Armaan Mallik played by Karan Singh Groverwhich was based on mutual dislike, constant bickering and the bid to outdo each other at every step. The sexual tension between both the Abnormally huge dicks lay in their constant battle with each other, that eventually blossomed into one of the most iconic romances on Indian television.

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Reset Password. We have sent instructions to the address you provided during up. Please follow the link from the to continue. Get me outta here! Dill Mill Gayye. S01 E01 Riddhima defeats Armaan. S01 E02 Tiff between Armaan and Riddhima. S01 E03 Riddhima wins her patients' hearts. S01 E04 Sapna falls in love with Dr Rai. S01 E05 Armaan goes to jail. S01 E06 Riddhima testifies against Armaan. S01 E07 Riddhima proves Armaan's innocence.

S01 E08 Armaan refuses to forgive Riddhima. S01 E09 Sanjeevani's My dad popped my cherry camp. S01 E10 Armaan troubles Riddhima. S01 E11 Anjali frames Armaan.

The show was really popular among the youth of the country, especially the central romance between dr armaan malik played by karan singh grover and dr riddhima gupta portrayed by oshanna shivanand.

S01 E12 Riddhima and Armaan get lost. S01 E13 Riddhima and Armaan find their way. S01 E14 Armaan teases Riddhima.

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S01 E15 Armaan dreams about Riddhima. S01 E16 Riddhima wins the basketball match. S01 E17 Armaan tries to woo Riddhima.

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S01 E18 Riddhima tricks Armaan. S01 Senior bi swingers Armaan surprises everyone. S01 E20 Anjali gets jealous of Riddhima. S01 E21 Anjali challenges Armaan. S01 E22 Shashank gets Padma's reports.

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S01 E23 A surprise party for Riddhima. S01 E24 Riddhima disappoints Armaan. S01 E25 Armaan expresses his love. S01 E26 Anjali spoils Riddhima's date. S01 E27 Shashank tells Dadi about Padma. S01 E28 Armaan becomes emotional.

Dill mill gayye chapter 2

S01 E29 Padma has brain tumour. S01 E30 Padma's farewell. S01 E31 Sanjeevani doctors play dandiya.

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S01 E32 Anjali's bet. S01 E33 Riddhima slaps Armaan. S01 E34 Riddhima ignores Armaan.

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S01 E35 Armaan fakes an accident. S01 E36 Armaan learns Shashank's secret.

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S01 E37 Armaan tries to win over Riddhima. S01 E38 Armaan and Riddhima patch up. S01 E39 Armaan confronts Shashank.

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S01 E40 Anjali catches Shashank's lies. S01 E41 Armaan rescues Shashank and Padma. Season 2.

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S02 E42 Riddhima confesses to Armaan. S02 E43 Anjali confronts Shashank. S02 E44 Anjali assumes she is adopted. S02 E45 Shashank breaks his silence.

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S02 E46 Riddhima is annoyed Beautiful revolving sphincter Armaan. S02 E47 Armaan guides Riddhima. S02 E48 Diwali celebrations at Sanjeevani. S02 E49 Kirti blames the doctors for Dadu.

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S02 E50 Who is responsible? S02 E51 Dr. Kirti blames herself. S02 E52 Ridhima admits to her mistake.

S02 E53 Armaan seeks Atul's help. S02 E54 A basketball game. S02 E55 Kirti advises Armaan. S02 E56 Preparations for the skit. S02 E57 Ridhima explains to Armaan. S02 E58 Dr. Subhankar's daughter.

S02 E59 Ridhima's viva voce. S02 E64 Kirti Scolds Riddhima. S02 E65 Manjulika Slaps Armaan.

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