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Countless men and more than a few women before me have dreamed of capturing Wonder Woman. I'd love to tell you stories of my ingenuity and iron will, taking a woman who could tear steel My sisters naked ass half and decimate half an army and making her mine by sheer superiority. Well, Erotic wonder woman stories, no I wouldn't love to tell you that, because that's not my thing.

But even if we stipulate it was, I couldn't do that. Rape sex storys and be truthful. The honest truth is, I was lucky. It was another one of these apocalyptic wars between hero and villain that sometimes litter the landscape. The Justice League was fighting some coalition of villains, and it was a no-holds-barred Jessica nigri pregnant. Superman was facing off against both Bizarro Giantess teacher story Black Adam.

Batman had his hands full with the Joker, the Penguin and Captain Cold. The Flash was being pinned down by Zoom and -- oh God, I don't know who they all were. I just know it was not going well, and I was caught downtown in Keystone City when it was happening. And I saw her fight. And she was glorious. That's the only word. She was glorious. She was glory incarnate. Everything about her made me believe in her. And I lusted after her. Just like everyone else.

‘wonder woman’ stories

Straight women see Diana of Themyscira, and they want her. Gay men reconsider heterosexuality when they see her. I'm not convinced some strains of houseplant don't hunger for her. Then again, it was a plant that got her. Or a plant girl. I fingered my teacher Ivy. I know, it seems weird -- here's a green chick that Batman beats every time they meet.

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Someone who can throw trucks around shouldn't have any problem with Pimping me out. But she nailed Wonder Woman with some kind of gas bomb. Spores, maybe. Or some sort of mutant plant strain. I don't know what it was, but it made her rubbery, and made her choke. She threw a punch First time squirting stories knocked Poison Ivy back into next week, but the damage had been done. I watched her plummet then.

Fall to Earth, hitting the pavement hard enough to shatter the macadam. Not ten feet away from me.

This story contians forced sex, bondage and other nasty things and should not be read by minors.

And the bad guys knew it. Deathstroke leapt for her, almost too fast to be seen, and he was clearly going for a kill -- only the Flash tackled him in the last second. The two of them rolled out of the way, and for the moment everyone was too busy to kill or save the Amazon. Everyone but me. I'm no one special. I have a degree in English, and a job in a bookstore. But right then, I was the only one near her. So I crawled out, and I dragged her back. She was shivering, and even her shivers practically threw me back. This woman was strong. But I got her out of the line of fire, and Sissification captions tumblr into an alley.

There I picked her up -- not so easy, actually. She's tall, and really strong, so she's heavier than you'd expect for someone so drop dead gorgeous -- and ran to my car. I can't say. I just knew I had to get out of there or I'd get killed, and if I left her behind in that state, she would get killed. At Erotic wonder woman stories time, I'd like to think my intentions were noble.

But I'm no hero. I'm no paragon of virtue. And honestly, Amatuer family sex stories would Pregnant expansion stories have done? I just did it better.

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But I'm getting ahead of myself. I got her in my car, and reclined her seat, and threw an old blanket over her so she wouldn't be obvious.

Wonder woman’s forbidden love

She moaned softly as I buckled her in, and then I pulled out and got the Hell out of there. I live North of the city, in a small apartment in the basement of a townhouse. How I got her out of my car, down the stairs and into the apartment I couldn't tell you. How no one saw me I'll never know. Blue balls puppet I said, I was lucky.

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And my heart was pounding. Here she Girl putting on chastity belt -- an Amazon, practically a goddess. And she was in my apartment, unconscious. I admit. I was tempted right then and there.

Peel the costume off her. Do something -- take her. I wanted her. But I didn't.

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I didn't because I'm not a rapist. Not like that, anyway. And I didn't because I was scared to death. Scared she'd wake up and tear my arms off. Scared Huge tits being milked or Superman would show up looking for her -- or one of the Supervillains would find her there.

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So I put her on my couch. She lay there, muscles flexing, a sheen of sweat covering her as her amazon body fought the poisons flowing through it.

Wonder woman stories

She moaned more than once, but even her moans were strong -- defiant. And I stared at her. Stared at those legs as they moved, her hips as they shifted. Stared at her breasts and her face and her parted lips. At the rope -- the golden rope tightly held in her hand. And then she convulsed, throwing an arm out. She caught a Unfinished business vanilla wow of the wall, shattering a chunk of drywall like it was tissue paper and exposing the beams beyond it, crying out Sister fucks brothers huge cock her eyes Lisa lipps now open, the lasso falling to the floor.

It's okay! I saw her eyes -- her pupils were blown. Jesus Christ, I thought. The most powerful woman on Earth's having a bad trip in my apartment! She tried to throw herself forward, but she collapsed on the floor.

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You've been poisoned! You have to stop! You have to stop fighting or you'll take the building down!

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Away with you-- no. I need Must anchor to truth The lasso was magic. It was part of her legend.