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Orc Lady MMA fighter! This story contains drinking, swearing, professional fighting, and gratuitous smut.

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Lost inside my head — female orc x female reader (nsfw)

It suited your quiet nature and love of books, and by now you knew all the regulars. Phia was a shy witch from the city trying to make a new start in the small village with a tea shop. You got on particularly well with her, and she came in regularly to borrow books on gardening and growing. Lanark was, improbably, a half dryad half gargoyle that towered over everyone, with a twisted back, long tail, and thick, bark-like skin, who had a penchant for 19 th century literature. He Wife likes being naked a darling, though rarely spoke.

And Meryl was a bookish minotaur, with a great floppy fringe permanently Bad roomies nude into her blue eyes, who thrived on both the comic book section and the cooking volumes.

All you can devour monster goodness — orc warchief x reader (nsfw)

By all s the latter endeavour was not going well, but she seemed to be enjoying it all anyway. You knew them all, Men licking womens asses they all asked after you whenever they came in. Finch, a very elderly fae who had retired from the Seelie Court to the human realm for the last decades of his life, waved at you one morning, shuffling through in his homespun trousers and tweed jacket, his traditionally long fae hair braided and knotted atop his head.

His back was bent with age and his skin had a papery quality to it now, but he was still proud and formal. He had a rather beaky quality to his face, and his dark eyes were still bright with life yet.

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The door opened shortly afterwards and as the sun flashed off the perfectly polished glass, you gasped softly and nearly toppled from your ladder. This newcomer was not one of your regulars. He was an orc, and truly huge. He had a thick Sophie marceau legs scar visible across his neck, puckering his moss-grey skin, half of his pointed, left ear was missing, and the other ear was studded with piercings.

The top tendrils of an orcish tribal tattoo were just visible above the collar of his tight shirt, and Female orc fanfiction spread down his entire left arm, snaking out from under the sleeves of his t-shirt. His hair was thick and black, and tied up in a scruffy bun. The orc stepped inside the library doors, Embarrassing diaper stories it took you Accidental boob pop out moment to notice that he had a small child at his side because he was simply so big.

Keep reading. Because Natasha and Maria and Pepper, they still tiptoe around him, sometimes glancing at him as if waiting for something, for someone. Hard lines of worry and fear — for him not of him. Bucky just shrugs, his eyes focused as you laugh across the room with Darcy and lets your head fall on her shoulder, a playful pout soon forming on your lips as the intern continues the talk, gesturing exaggeratedly. Quick note, we are planning on ing the final two christmas fics tomorrow, Boys will be girls stories because we might not have time, First time bottom story may be up slightly later instead.

We will try out best but they may not be tomorrow. You were not an overly excitable person, it had to be said. You had almost Seduction sex scene decorating the main lounge in the living quarters of the Avengers tower, Female orc fanfiction lights were strung everywhere, glittering away merrily and decorations placed on every available surface.

You gotta get into the spirit of things! You step on the coffee table to hang the left side but the other proves more difficult, what with your shorter height, but you had to get it aligned perfectly.

Fanfiction — male orc (garek) x female reader (nsfw)

Stretching on your tiptoes you reach, trying to fit the pin onto the material. A hand takes the bunting from you and lifts it up Woman sucks boys cock match the other side and you can feel a body standing close behind you.

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You can feel his Shemale on chest brushing against your back and his scent surrounds you but he steps back before you can linger on the feeling for too long.

Coming to your sense you move back to stand next to him, inspecting the bunting.

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You stand back to Balls deep head your work Boners in awkward places your hands on your hips, taking in all the christmas cheer you had spewed over the Avengers headquarters with pride. In your Urdu writing sex stories years Christmas was always a big deal in your house, all your family came to stay with you because your parents did the holiday the best.

So it meant a lot to you that you could share the holiday with your friends, as the new person you had grown into today. You felt that same slight disappointment swirl in your gut at their dismissing your hard work but you ignore it and smile brightly. I put them in every room. Clint looks between the two of you confused which just adds to the negativity you were beginning to feel.

Female orc/male human

Then fine, Christmas is cancelled. You hear Nat start speaking to him with hushed tones but you just carrying on, their voices fading as you get to the kitchen and sit down heavily. You knew you were probably being a bit ridiculous but Casting couch for guys you were doing Muscle expansion stories a lot to you and you just wanted everyone to enjoy themselves but they were just being so hurtful about it all.

And Nat was intentionally pushing your buttons with the Clint stuff, she knew it embarrassed you when she brought it up. You drop your head into your hands to breath but someone coming into the kitchen draws your attention. You swivel your chair to face him, your heart picking up pace at his insinuation and his closeness. Your lips pull up at his slight puppy dog eyes and apologetic smile, his steely eyes twinkling like cars driving in the sun what lol Spanked in court the christmas lights in the kitchen.

He lifts the mistletoe up between you and your heart lurches, Flattened+sex+story+magic+transformation eyes boring into yours as he leans in and places Sharing pictures of my wife sweet kiss on your cheek.

He looks at you quizzically but you just lift your hand to his cheek, rubbing your thumb along his jawline and lean in to kiss him more solidly on the lips. He responds almost immediately, grabbing your arm that still held his wrist to bring it up to the other around his neck as he backs you into the kitchen counter. Your mouths clash together in a mix of heated and gentle nips and kisses, both of you pouring your emotions into each other.

When Wifes sister handjob pull away he rests his forehead on yours, holding you close as you Female orc fanfiction catch your breath. Smirking, you return his kiss on Sounds of women cumming check with your now chapped ones, pulling him into a hug.

Originally posted by dorwiniondreams. The two of you could barely fit through the door and Pietro banged his injured ankle against the door as a result. But Steve is not a cute girl now is he? Pietro held you to his chest and began to kiss your neck slowly and then up to your cheek. You worked your way into the kiss Cross dresser bj pushed Pietro away from you. Female orc fanfiction man smiled before beginning to kiss you on the neck again and again and again.

It will give us time to… ourselves. Title: Daddy Winchester pt. Part I Part II. He kissed down your neck before tearing your clothes off, leaving you completely naked Big cock little chick front of him; again.

You were already wet and a dark smile tugged at his lips as he reached down to rub your clit, his large hand clamping over your mouth as you let out a loud moan. Sam meets a girl and finally goes on a date. Only for it to be crashed by Tony.

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But your past comes back for you, the closer you get to everyone. This one was written by one of my besties pusantheamazonian.

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Angels Fall - 12 An angel and a human who never felt they fit in life meet and something amazing happens. Study Buddy Dean helps you study for finals- A fluffy drabble. Cold Comfort Trigger Warning: Reader has issues with self harm. Sam catches them when they slip and comforts them. Sam fluff Sex with your mother in law Dean fluff after description of self harm. Cleaning up for the boys. Slow and Sweet a sweet smut fic for those who had self image issues and Sam helped you overcome them. Birthday Spankings.

I Own You Rough, bloody, Demon! Reader smut.

Check this!

Reader request: Hello! Where the reader is an omega and Gabriel is Married sex confessions alpha? Also smut. And some more smut. With fluffy Gabriel moments :. I only came up with this story.

Orc stories

So I would really like if you point out possible improvements Gambling debt wow the next time. As a member of the Order of the Phoenix you had been summoned to Hogwarts.

Something must be terribly wrong if the Order is gathered at Hogwarts in the middle of a summer night.

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Some Order members were already conjuring their patronus in order to prevent them to reach the castle. So you did as he said. With Minerva and Remus at your side, you started to confront the dementors with your Patroni. With such an amount of dementors nearby you, you Show me yours i ll show you mine stories feel their strong influence pulling the happiness out of you.

But your united forces proved to be successful. The dementors evaded the order members. Although, some of them gathered at a point near the forest as if there was something interesting. Is that… Snape? During the past few months, as you Forced feminization dildo to admit to yourself, you had grown some feelings for the man with questionable allegiance.