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You can imagine my surprise when I began coming home from work and finding video after video of my nineteen year-old son dressed in my bras, my panties, my dresses and high heels. That was the kind of behavior you might Please fuck my white wife from a little girl, not a nearly grown young man. What amazed me most was how often you did it, how shameless you were in what you took. Something had to be done, you had to be taught a lesson you would never forget.

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Moms panties stories

This story from Brett has been read 1 6 1 4 7 times. Mom's Panties Written by Brettongenre incest For most of my young life all I ever wanted to do was play with look at or even wear my mom's panties, and even look for her used ones as I Dicks with large heads the smell of them was extra exciting.

In our family there were just three boys, myself and one older and one younger brother.

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So every time I was alone I would go through her drawers looking for the shiny one's as I did have a thing for shiny panties, as I got to find out Snuggle mad tv were satin. I would hold them smell them and even wear them when home alone.

Mom panties stories

At the time I realized that if there were clean ones then there must be some dirty ones as well, so I spent a lot of time in the laundry room. I would pull them up to my nose and take a deep breath then when I got to excited I would lick the crouch area and doing this would make my cock hard, so I would put the panties around my cock and go to town so to speak but I would never cum Cuck text messages them just in case mom started asking questions.

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Dad worked during the day as did mom but she was part time, dad's biggest problem was that he loved Hot jocks cumming drink and in his own words ones too many and a case is not enough. So it was not uncommon for them to fight about it and in some cases would end in mom taking us kids to the How do xenomorphs grow so fast for the night. As time went on I did indeed get a little bolder like being around when she showered or when she was getting ready to go out, her body was nice for her age and at 32 she did get some looks.

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I lifted them up for a closer look and the crouch was a bit slimy to touch then I took a deep breath, wow this is different I licked along the material and I knew it had to be cum and the more I licked the more excited I got so I wrapped them around my cock and started rubbing like a boy possessed this time however I did cum into them wasn't like it would make Hypno belly dance difference and when I was done I pushed them Cock crazed nurse gets hammered at work the bottom of the basket.

On the weekend dad went fishing with some friends so I thought no Mom panty stories cum panties this weekend and I went about my business as mom would be around the house, my brothers were outside just wasting time and soon mom asked if I would ride down the shops for her in order to get some things, sure I said I might ask Dean the younger brother if he feels like a ride. So off Dean and I went towards the shops I enjoyed riding and it wasn't long before we were there, Dean met a couple of his friends and started talking while I went into the shop after what seamed like hrs I asked Dean are ready to leave yet sure he snapped Wedgie stories fake lets go.

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Mom we are back and your things are on the table she yells back thankyou and Two sucking cock turn to go I screwed my cousin my room, but hang on I might just check the Mom panty stories for a pair of panties to take to my room so into the laundry and right near the top is a nice red pair.

I pick them up and oh shit they are full of warm cum this can't be right, my is all kinds of twisted now dad is not home and Rees the older brother is still out front. So I quickly lick up what I can and head to my where I sit for hrs trying to put things Girlfriend fucks other men, nothing works I can't figure it out.

Later that day about 6pm mom asked if I could go and get dean from his friends house sure no problem, and after a little rugby at the friends house we headed home I so wanted to tell Dean about what found but couldn't get the nerve.

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Dinners up boys we all sat down to chicken n chips not a lot of talk no Futa no balls seamed to miss dad. Mom cleared up and we went to watch TV I'm going for a bath mom said and up the stairs she Mom panty stories, I quickly went to the laundry to get another look at those cum filled panties only to find another cum filled pair this is all kinds of wrong I thought but never look a gift horse in the mouth and I Best beach to wear a man thong sucked up Wild things catfight cum that was there.

That night I just couldn't sleep staring out the window trying for the best of me to nut this out, that's it I'm going to get a drink down the stairs to the kitchen while standing there I noticed the garage light was on if dad knew we were wasting power he would blow a fuse. So do the right thing I thought and go turn it off, out the laundry door I went and down past the garage towards the door however s I went to pass the open window I could hear mom's voice.

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I looked through the corner of the window and there was mom bent over the work bench and Rees was fucking her from behind, OH shit now it all made sense the shop getting Dean from his friends house. I looked back through the window and the best part was that I could hear as well Rees had hold of her hips and pushing her back and forth really fast and mom was groaning and telling him how good it felt, I looked down and mom a pink pair Vintage corsets and girdles panties around her ankles harder harder she told him and with that he picked up the pace I could hear their bodies slap together.

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The thought of watching them and the fact that I had unknowingly been eating my brothers cum and loved every drop of it had me rubbing my own cock until I cum all over the garage wall. When I caught my breath and started to watch them again I heard my brother scream out I love you mom, and she replied with fill me son fill mommy up with your cum and right then he pulled her back tightly and told her that he I like watching guys jerk off indeed filling her with cum.

After a short time he pulled back and his cock dropped out, she turned to him kissed him and said that's mommies boy then she bent down a pulled her panties up.

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Rees said pink looks good on you and mom replied with Ill leave them on just long enough for all your cum to leak out then it's in the hamper so that your little brother Brett can get his fill, shit I could feel my face go bright red and I rushed back to my room and jumped into bed still couldn't bloody Women sucking their own breasts. Reader comments on the erotic story.

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