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My mom spanked me


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I had a really bad day. When I came back home I got mad at her because of something she said and went to my room. It only stopped when my dad went there and stopped Crossdresers having sex. I just cried. I love my mom, but she has problems. No I need to wear jackets and pants in summer so that nobody notices my bruises.

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My mother and father were very strict and spanked me until I got married when I was There were quite a few incidents I could discuss but I will talk about one.

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I moved away from home briefly when I was This was mostly to escape the rules and punishments, I also wasn't getting along with my sister who was 15 at the time. The morning I left my sister and I had gotten Girl stripped naked stories a fight and my mother took her side again. I smarted off to my mom and she grabbed my arm and took me to my bedroom. She grabbed my large wood backed hairbrush, sat on the edge of my bed and pulled me over her lap.

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She lifted my nightgown and lowered my panties. She spanked me until I screamed and cried in front of my little sister. I packed my stuff and moved in with a friend later that day. I ended up coming back home about 6 months later and was spanked until I got married to Cougar love stories husband of almost 19 years.

God i hope my parentz dont do that.

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I am thinking it stops at No way!! I was spanked as on regular basis.

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Spanked by until i left home at Married at 24 my wife went to my Susan michelle hypnosis with complaints of my behavior. My mother showed my wife how to deal with me. Pants pulled down, bare bottom spanking with a paddle and and a belt. Now at 44 Diaper masturbation stories wife does spank me, but she prefers to see my mother spank me like naughty boy. My last spanking was from a friends mom at at 14 when we were on vacation in Florida.

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Then one about a year before from my aunt was memorable as well both eventually were bare bottom. My parents spanked my bum till i was 24 and always clicked picture of my spanked bottom in an album. They even Eating pussy poems it to my husband of 3 years. I am the same age and I get it still from my mum, even in front of my gf if she is there.

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My parents spanked me until I left home at Bare bottom with a paddle or a belt. They also given more then one teacher permission to spank me with the school strap. I am mush older now and Wife giving lapdances spanked by a neighbor lady who bare bottom paddles me over the kitchen counter.

Sometimes she take me to her brothers farm and he marches me out to a wood shed and i am bar strapped with prison strap until i can't sit down for a month. Spanking isa punishment for being naughty.

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Meant to teach a lesson. Meant to feel and look at a well spanked Gaige the mechromancer age for quite sometime. So ido naughty things to get the spanking i deserve and want. I love to get caught and watched doing naughty things.

Dad spanked me with his slipper over his knee in our dining room, Mum sent me upstairs to my bedroom for a spanking bent over my bed, using her hairbrush! Soundly spanked by both on my bare bottom!! Lucky you, wish I could find a neighbor lady that would do that for me. I kept my punishment a secret.

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I know people say if their parents tried to hit them that they would punch Casual family nudity mom or dad. I didn't do that. I guess I was that super obedient .

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Maybe I was immature. I did not feel abused.

My parents spanked me until i was 21

I just did what I was told and if I misbehaved then I was punished and I just accepted it. Same with me. Whenever mom or dad told me Saint andrews cross bondage get over their knee, I did what I was told.

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Dad gave 6 spanks, with is hand, and mom usually gave 1o spanks. I remember a night Shemale fuck wife I was 16, and my mom turned me over her knee and gave me the most spanks I ever had. I didn't count the spanks, however I believe mom must have administered 25 spanks, or more that night. I must have really needed a good spanking, and mom saw to it, to give me a really good, long spanking, that I'll never forget!

I accept it as a price worth paying for the easy life I have living at home. Every time my mom spanked me, she put me over her knee, even when she gave me my last spanking at age 19, Girls wrestling on bed hitchhiking. I hitched for the first time when I was a freshman in college. My mom found out, and when I went home for Christmas break, the first thing mom Paddling punishment stories was "you know what happens My mom spanked me a naughty boy who hitchhikes, now what do I have to do?

So there I was, 19 years old, 6'2" tall, weighing pounds, and right across my mother's lap for a spanking. Mom gave me 20 good sound spanks, and I never hitched another ride, after getting such a good spanking for Atomic wedgie story.

That same boring story all over again [Head Shaking, Eyes Rolling]. I had to pull my panties down and lift my shirt up too. Often they would scold me while I stood there bare from my nipples to my knees. I'm nineteen and my dad spanied me just this April because I told my mom to mind yet business.

She was pestering me about an application so I could get a second job, even though I already worked full time and was expected to help around Nasty valentines poems house and help all my other siblings.

My mom still spanks me. is this normal?

After I told her to mind her business, I went upstairs to fold clothes, I turned around to put up a shirt, and my dad was there with a belt. He started beating me from my back, to my bottom, legs, and hitting my arms. He even pushed me onto my little sister's toddler bed when I hit my head and sprained my wrist, and he wasn't satisfied with beating me until several minutes in when I finally started screaming. I was bleeding an yad weots and bruises for a whole two months afterwards.

They joke about it, now, and I pretend like I'm better, but I still want them dead, sometimes. My mom also spanked me over her knee when I was 19, for hitchhiking, she had always told me never to hitchhike and if I Amateur anal cream pie and she found out, I would be spanked over her knee no matter how old or big I might be.

I hitched my first ride when I was 19 and in college, and when my mom found out I went over her knee and she gave me 20 good spanks, It was the hardest spanking Woman fucks gear shift ever got and I never hitchhiked again!!! I wish you would choke on that damn story that you Hot gymnast women to think is sooooooooooooooooo interesting. I'm the quiet guy at the party who's just glad to be there. To be accepted but being a bit awkward.

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I'm the guy who at 20 still had to ask his parents may I go out to a party. At 20 to be given a curfew. Who when he got home would have to tell his parents where he was and what Black woman gang banged on at the party. Who would have his parents sniff his breath to check for smoke or alcohol.

I'm the guy who if he forgot to do his chores or spoke back to them was required to bend over and be caned. I never resisted even at 20, 21 and so on.

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It was't frequent but often enough and ever Skyrim brelynas spell threat. It might be for simply having a sullen attiude or for loosing my temper or any activity that was deemed rebellious disrespect. I have fanticised aboout it.

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