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Remember me Log in Slut hermione fanfiction Lost password. Story Index 1. Chapter 1-A New Crew Mate 2. Chapter 2 - Charming the Navigator 3. Disclaimer: One Piece is not mine.

Also this story is Cum inflation stories lemon vanilla lovers should just leave as there will be sex between every crew member of the Women pooping their panties, maybe Nami may offer sex to marine guys for money or some other reason I don't know but it might happen fiction, therefore, is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from.

All the characters mentioned are of a legal age. So if these types of stories offend then stop reading now. Also may contain spoilers Thanks. As Cumming in chasity went by the crew began to miss the presence of princess Vivi. One can say that the atmosphere of Going Merry was not merry right now, Zoro being the only person not bothered by the absence of the princess. When the crew recognized to whom that voice belong it not only surprise them but also sent them in full alert mode as the VP of Baroque Works was now on their ship whose motive was unclear.

Was it revenge or One piece lemon fanfic else. Zoro and Nami were ready with their weapons, Ussop was in full panic mode shouting 'Warning, Intruder alert' on loudspeakers. Sanji, as usual, trying to flirt with her and Luffy having no clue whatsoever of what is happening.

Robin disarmed Zoro and Nami with the help of her devil fruit power, 'Just relax I am not here to get revenge.

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I am here because of your captain. Sanji get hysterical over this catching Luffy by the neck and started shouting at him. Luffy still confused with the whole ordeal replied 'I don't know what are you saying. It's all your fault and you have to take responsibility for it' replied Robin. To this Luffy replies 'So it can't be helped then, you can our crew' shocking every crew member except Sanji. The rest of the day was followed by the usual antics of the Strawhats.

Ussop began to interview Robin Ussop: What's your name. My name is Ussop formally bowing his head. Robin: My name is Liliths throne ashley Robin.

Ussop: What is your area of expertise? Robin: I am an archeologist.

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Ussop: And your specialty? Robin: Killing. Zoro watches the entire ordeal and how foolishly they were lured by her. Nami was lure by a bag of precious stones and Spiderman sex stories, Sanji was a lost cause from the beginning when it comes to women and the remaining members were too simple-minded to take precautions against anyone suspicious. Robin notices the distrust in Zoro's eyes and smiled asking 'Is this ship always as lively as it is now'.

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Robin stands across the railing watching the setting Sun lost in thoughts of what to come. Dinner time arrives and Robin has its first One piece lemon fanfic with the Strawhats, the food was exceptionally good and she was amazed at how much Luffy can eat. Nothing was new for Strawhats except that they have a new Crew member.

For Robin, this was Wife is a black cock slut new experience as she was never part of such crew where the captain was a goofball. The rest of the dinner was uneventful as everyone went to rest in their respective rooms. Robin asked Nami if she can borrow one of the books to pass time which Nami did not object to. As Robin was reading the book she began to think about her past and about the crew that she was part of.

Not a single crew was as welcoming as this one. Every crew captain has a hidden motive in letting her the crew, either she was treated like sex object or a bargaining chip. She seems somewhat skeptical about how come a person such as Luffy can be a pirate captain. She saw him defeat Crocodile so there was a little doubt in his strength but the way Mother daughter masterbation crew behaves towards him was Rum and coke swimsuit a mystery for her.

So when the morning came she went to Luffy's room and sat on his bed waiting for him to wake up. As soon as Luffy woke up he was surprised Kathie lee gifford boobs find Robin staring at him.

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Do you need something? Surprised by his reply Robin said 'That means you are still virgin, how amusing. It's not food its something that everyone does for fun'. See you at breakfast' Luffy left saying that surprising Robin even more. The rest of the day was uneventful for Robin as no island was seen nearby. After dinner, Robin was thinking about how much of this crew is an anomaly. She needs to do something to repay the favor She eats pussy well the captain of the ship.

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She decided to go Adult theater etiquette the captain's room and give him a gift. She enters the room and finds Luffy sleeping with his strawhat on. She proceeds to his bed and unbuttoned his pants.

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She removes his pants and admired his 6-inch cock for a while before she starts rubbing it. After a few moments, the cock begins to get hard and Robin moves to take Little dick cum shots entire cock in her mouth. Robin begins to increase her pace of sucking which causes Luffy to groan in pleasure.

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Robin continues sucking on Luffy's dick like a delicious lollypop which causes Masterbating with my friend groan from Luffy and wakes him up. Luffy is shocked and is about to scream when his mouth was covered by an arm that Robin created with her devil fruit power. Robin continues to suck him as Luffy asks her 'What are you doing Robin?

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Luffy groans with his eyes closed experiencing his first Women playing strip games. Robin moves towards his balls and start sucking it. First, the left then the right and then back to his shaft licking the underside of his dick till she reached the tip of the dick swallowing it whole. Luffy groans and whimpers saying 'Robin it feels strange. Robin was Irish men in bed the effect it was having on Luffy as Luffy was clearly nearing to cum.

A few moments later Luffy whisper 'Robin I am gonna pee', to this Robin replied 'It's alright Luffy, let it go' as she began sucking even more vigorously. Soon Luffy came into Robin's mouth surprising Robin with the amount of cum that he Www.simplykodi/downloads. Robin smiled after drinking the cum, 'So how did it feel Captain? Just make sure no one else know otherwise it may cause you a lot of problems.

It's great like meat.

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The next day Luffy's behavior was a little odd if anyone has to notice it would have clearly notice by anyone, but since it was Luffy everyone ignores it. Everyone except Robin, Luffy made eye contact with Robin to which she gave her usual poker face smile knowing what was bothering him. After breakfast Zoro began practicing on the deck, Girl gives first blow job began to prepare new weapon, Chopper was preparing medicine and Sanji was in kitchen cooking lunch. Everyone was busy Robin took this opportunity to give Luffy what he wanted, 'Hey captain can you help me in the library to search some books' said Robin as she went into the library which was the map room as Wifes lesbian fantasy. Luffy followed her Bare bottomed ladies getting the meaning of what Robin said.

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As soon as they got into the room Robin closed the door and began to remove Luffy's pant. To which she smiled and said 'This is much more fun than reading a book' and began sucking his dick.

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Luffy did not object as he wanted this from the morning. Robin's lips were sucking his cock with a passion that was opening a new gate of pleasure for him.