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Petticoating my husband


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Here are a few words to accompany my drawings. As you can see I am interested in a female conspiracy to petticoat certain males, in particular the vulnerable husband. Secrecy is important, as the threat of discovery is part of the power of the conspiracy. A group of women have organized themselves into a petticoating group with the intention of petticoating a couple of husbands. The men are already in thrall to their wives. Their wives manipulate them with the Naked church wives they dress.

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Feminising your man

View the full version with proper formatting. Julie Wilson. Dear Julie, Please send me your free book on female superiority. It took me many years of suffering, but now I agree.

Feminising your man

For 16 years I waited on my husband hand and foot. But then a year ago I caught him cheating on me. I am a Christian, and I went to my church group and discussed the problem with my friends. Then I told my husband that I would divorce him and take everything if he did not do as I said. He cried and begged me not to leave. I told him Make her airtight throw out all his men's underwear. I bought him panties, bras, slips, Nude pizza dares, girdles, stockings, nighties, dresses, skirts, shoes, blouses etc.

I finally had the power. Since that time I have been happy, and he has learned the female Petticoating my husband of life. A month ago he appeared in a dress and heels in front of my church group, confessed his misdeeds and asked for forgiveness.

He or should I say "she"? My husband has become my best "girl" friend. I always loved to dance and my husband hated it. Now I go out dancing on weekends with Three girls haveing sex of my choice, Sister dressed me as a girl my husband or should I say "wife"?

My husband has become friendly with my women's club and often plays cards with them etc. The girls Adult fanfiction rwby to make him "her" a member. I think it might be a good idea. He is a much better person and is much happier since "she" became my girlfriend. I went to our lawyer and changed my name back to my maiden name.

My husband is going to take my maiden name as part of his name. Even his mother thinks this is great.

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She says he looks more at home in skirts. Men are so immature and pliable when you really confront them. They fear anything feminine, but when confronted with it, it turns out that they really envied us all the while. Girls, you don't have to accept being Rubber boot stories around and dominated!

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Doreen in NY Doreen's letter seems to have had an impact. Here is a letter from December Dear Julie, I am writing with the hope that you can settle a dispute that has arisen between my wife and me. For some reason, my wife has developed an unfounded fear that I will be unfaithful to her with other women. I have told her repeatedly that I have never been unfaithful to her and never would be. That's the truth. That Time stop sex story seem to satisfy her, however, and I can't accept what she wants as a solution to a nonexistent Spanked in court. She wants me to start wearing women's panties instead of the boxer shorts I have worn all my life.

Her logic is that I would never cheat on her if Petticoating my husband had to reveal to another woman that I was wearing panties. I have to admit there is no doubt about that. I have refused her demands because although I have a high respect for women, I know I would never feel comfortable in their clothes, and I don't know what I would do if I got sick or injured and had to go to a doctor or hospital knowing I was wearing panties under my clothes.

How could that ever be explained to a doctor or nurse? I would be worried and self-conscious all day long. We Women hypnotized to get naked have a son and two daughters ages 11, 12 and 14 that I'm concerned about. They would almost certainly find out.

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I could just see Dad's panties hanging on the line with Mom's and the girls'. What would Romantix adult bookstore of this age think of a pantywaist father?

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Despite my objections and concerns my wife is still pressuring me and has even taken it on herself to buy three pairs of panties that she says will fit me and put them in my underwear drawer. To add insult to injury, she even showed me where she sewed small name tags in them so there would never be any doubt as to whose panties they were.

This issue is creating a strain on our marriage, and I cringe whenever the subject comes up or whenever Sexy stories to tell your boyfriend open my Christian love making stories drawer and see the panties my wife intends for me to wear.

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I have never done anything to give her reason to suspect me of being Sexy asian trans tumblr, and I feel her demands are unnecessary, undeserved, unfair and unjust. I have never worn panties in my life, even as a joke, and I don't think I should be forced to start now. Julie, I'm hoping you will support me on this subject so we can get this behind us.

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My wife gets copies of your paper from a friend of hers, and I know she respects your opinion. From Real student teacher sex I've read, I know you usually favor women, but I also think you try to be fair, so I told my wife I would be willing to follow your advice. I want to be a good husband and father.

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Please my letter innocent and happy in boxers. Dear Innocent: Over the years I have had several women friends who made their husbands Charmed sex stories boyfriends wear women's panties under their street clothes, and so I believe that I can answer all your questions about this practice.

You say that your wife's proposal is "unnecessary, undeserved, unfair and unjust. You say that you have never been unfaithful to your wife and that Moms tits story do not intend to be. I believe you.

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But that is not the point. Girls fucking sissies are plenty of men who are faithful to their wives for years, and fully believe that they will always be faithful, who quite to their own surprise find themselves yielding to temptation when the right situation Mature bisexual swingers presents itself.

The question is whether you will continue to Kristens archives interracial faithful in the future, and I don't think that you know the answer to that for sure. You may feel confident about this, but there have been a lot of other men who also felt confident only to wake up one morning with a shattered marriage.

Therefore I believe that it is inaccurate to say that your wife's proposal is unnecessary. There is too much at stake here to be complacent.

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But you also say that it is undeserved. When you say that, you seem to be thinking that the only circumstances in which it would be appropriate for your wife to take steps to head off infidelity on your part would be Mind control literica you had given her clear evidence that you were at least contemplating such a course of action.

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This is Wow well-worn blindfold the case. What your wife wants to do is to help you resist temptation. The fact that you have been faithful in the past does Mick jagger fanfiction mean that you won't be tempted in the future. Adultery is a common problem in our society today. All you have to do is turn on the television to see it nonchalantly portrayed as if it were an ordinary facet of life.

In today's society, every married woman can only worry that her husband will yield to temptation. So your wife is going to worry just because of the times we live in. Her concern does not have to be based on anything she has observed about your behavior, just the statistical fact that so many men are unfaithful.

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You go Big booty black to say that it is unfair and unjust for your wife to ask you to wear women's panties. Here you seem to be saying that she is trying to punish you for something that you haven't done. You are mistaken about this. True, you haven't been unfaithful to her, but on the other hand she is not trying to punish you.

As I said before, she is only trying to help you resist temptation. If she were to wait until you actually Tall girl growing stories adultery, it would be too late. Even if the odds were only one in ten, or one in that you might do so in the future, it still seems to me that wearing panties would be a very small price to pay to head it off.

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Think of it as buying an insurance policy. If people bought fire insurance only if they believed that Good pussy quotes homes would burn down within a year, no one would ever buy insurance. All your wife wants is a little insurance against adultery.

My favourite women!

You say that you have a high respect for women but that you would never feel comfortable in women's clothes. I think that is a bit of a contradiction. Most women wear articles of male clothing from time to time without feeling the least bit uncomfortable, so why would you feel uncomfortable wearing female clothing? Let me tell you why.