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Hi guys. I'm new here, but this place was suggested to me as a good place to show off a game I'm working on at the moment. I call it " Rogue-Like: Evolution, " and the goal is to make it a Beastality sex stories ero-game in which you can seduce Rogue from X-Men Evolution set several years after the series.

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Eventually, I hope to add more characters from both that setting Thats my fucking tit bitch others Kitty Pryde is next up. In the full version, it will have a full story element, and a complex series of conditions based on a balance of how much she loves you, how much she is willing to obey you, and how uninhibited she is.

It mostly uses text and sprite-based graphics, but I've begun adding in full "event" style elements as well.

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The current release version, which contained the content I had available at the time, involves a fairly basic interface, a few basic sexy scenes, and an unlockable paperdoll mode for the character. This current released version is available at my Patreon for the moment same name as Wife blows all my friends usernamebut it's free to distribute anywhere you like.

I plan to have a release-capable version of the game ready within the next few months, followed by additional characters and capabilities in the months after that. Last edited: Apr 12, Dideldidum Demon Girl Master.

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ed Jun 6, Messages Reputation score Re: Rogue-Like: Evolution Oniartist said:. MrMe Lurker. ed Nov 26, Messages 1, Reputation score ed Apr 11, Messages Reputation score Re: Rogue-Like: Evolution Sure. Does this site have file posting capabilities?

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I didn't see it anywhere. H-Section Moderator. ed Nov 17, Messages 9, Reputation score 21, Re: Rogue-Like: Evolution We do, but I don't think it's a good idea to put the attachment to a post because it will eat up the forum's bandwidth allowance pretty quickly. A really good alternative would be to put it up on Wife tit slip. Dragon Sex Demon.

ed Feb 28, Messages Reputation score Last edited: Apr 13, ed Sep 5, Messages 83 Reputation score Re: Rogue-Like: Evolution Looks good.

Shouldn't be hard to get a few backers. Re: Rogue-Like: Evolution Ok. ed Sep 9, Bosom buddy balm uses Reputation score ed Mar 17, Messages Reputation score Ah, not the type of roguelike I was expecting. ed Aug 3, Messages 55 Reputation score Re: Rogue-Like: Evolution Awesome game. Love love love the artwork. And the emotional state system is cool too. Definitely looking forward to it.

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I see you can unlock the "change clothing" in the demo, but can you Katy perry clapping boobs together the "change emotional state" button in the demo? Also, the game seems to crash a lot if you get her love stat really low and then click wait or sleep. I've attached one of my tracebacks. Hope that helps.

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Great job! Great art, and good progression Fucking wifes cum filled pussy the various stats. One change I would request is something describing what the various stat meters are.

ed May 23, Messages Reputation score AExMachina Tentacle Monster. ed May 18, Messages Reputation score Re: Rogue-Like: Evolution djweish said:. Isn't trying to have sex with Rogue a really bad idea? Dyhart Demon Girl Pro. ed Mar 23, Messages Reputation score Re: Rogue-Like: Evolution That's some pretty nice artwork there.

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Got an audible "damn" out of me. Ebelaar Demon Girl Pro. Why does my buttcrack sweat when i have to poop Oct 3, Messages Reputation score That's some niiice stuff. How much content are you looking to make for each character? Any previews of the spritework yet? I'd back you if I wasn't jobless and broke.

Re: Rogue-Like: Evolution Well, right now in the game the Rogue sprite has two full outfits, broken down into various elements that you can turn on and off and mix and match for example you can wear the jeans from the second outfit with the mesh top Dresden files andi the first, with no tank top underneath if you like.

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The plan is to have at least a few more of those by the initial launch based on polling, the next costume piece will be a nightyand maybe continue to add more over time. I also have a lot of expression options, with three What is a lularoe party layers that I can mix and match to create dozens of expressions. Also due to popular demand I've started to do some "event" artwork, one-off sex scene art.

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The one I've got mostly done Accidental panty slips this point is a doggy-style sex scene, which can also be used for a variety of other encounters. I'm doing that as something of a sprite too, in that the clothing changes you make are reflected on that version as well, which takes more time but turns out pretty cool.

Kitty will eventually get the same treatment, as Romantic bdsm stories any future characters, but right now I only have a very basic sprite for her, with one costume set, one expression, and all of that still needs a quality pass. As for actual "content", the goal is to allow you to cover most of the bases in terms of sexual activities, in a system that is flexible enough to let you do it wherever in the game space you like but of course some places are harder to convince her than others.

Outside of sex, I'm building story elements that involve training both of you in your powers and physical capabilities, interacting with other characters, etc. Rogue-like evolution emma frost will not be a linear story, there is a beginning and there will be various accomplishments, but no true "the end," and events will happen in a non-linear manner based on how you progress.