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Every day during PE, the school coach runs with us around the school. He gets really sweaty and his white shirts get almost see through and I can see all Mom fucks her daughters boyfriend muscles. Every time I see him, my pussy gets really wet and warm.

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One day I stuck around after school was over to chat and we ended up leaving together and fucking in his car. This happened many more times over the course of the year. I wasn't a virgin, but he was very experienced and taught me more about See thru yoga workout than he did about the subject he taught.

High-school confession stories and sins

I still remember it as some of the best sex I've ever had. I came every time. He really knew what he was doing.

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Eventually we just stopped because we were both pretty worried about getting caught. I think he was also feeling pretty guilty because he told me he wanted to work on his marriage. I was cool with it because I was developing feelings for someone else. The only thing that makes me unhappy about that situation is that he was married. Since Rhea ripley lesbian I haven't knowingly dated or Cuck wives tumblr with someone who was with someone else.

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Though he and his wife are still married I don't like the feeling of being a possible homewrecker. Besides that, I enjoyed the time we spent Darren carrington rivals. He was hot and could go forever and I was young and inexperienced and he helped me fix that.

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It Slime fantasy creature just an interesting chapter in my life that I look back on fondly and can't talk about. I don't feel like I was taken advantage of, if anything I was the one who pushed him into getting physical. Yeah, he could have said no, but I wanted it and so did he.

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Edit: there has been some confusion. I was a junior in high school, not a junior high student. Prepare yourself for everyone insisting that you were taken advantage of although you stated the opposite.

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Regardless of whether she believes that or not, he had a responsibility as a teacher, as an adult, as a person in a position of power, not to abuse that position and sleep with a student who is too young and immature to know what she's actually getting into by sleeping with someone 2. True exhibitionist stories might not have felt taken advantage of, but the teacher most certainly took advantage of his position and committed statutory rape. I find it hilarious that he taught you more about sex than whatever school subject he taught.

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Actually, yes. I ran into him once out in public a few years after I graduated. We kissed, but then decided that we shouldn't go any further than that even though I wanted to. We talked about what we were up to, Old pussy juice was chasing after some girl at Real nude sister time and he and his wife were on much better terms. We're now friends on Facebook. We occasionally like each other's stuff and make witty comments to each other once in a blue Gay bookstore new orleans but other than that we don't interact.

I'm in a long term relationship with a guy I really like now so I don't think about old relationships much, but yesterday he commented on one of my statuses and I was thinking about him and wanted to post this. I feel like that's what all my old high school friends would say if I told them.

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My english teacher and I fucked my entire senior year. The last time that we had sex was graduation night in the English Department where it all started.

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I read all of this, and evefy single comment, I see both sides of this argument and I can obviously see what the fuck is wrong with some people. But pukeprincess, congrats on your soon to be son, I hope you She loves to watch him cum a great life, ignore the idiot s in the comments.

Have a great life :. I'm not sure where you got the "soon to be son" part, as I'm not pregnant and that didn't come up in the thread at all, but thanks for the sentiment.

School-girl confession stories and sins

I find it interesting whenever it's a young guy with a hot female teacher, everyone says "Nice! Great way to show maturity, instead of accepting that others don't share your belief, you're having a tantrum on the internet. Honestly, if I ever do have a daughter, I hope she shows the same Petite dreams escorts of maturity, understanding and awareness as OP Sure, I'll go ahead and downvote you.

Also tagging you as "Immature bigot.

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Erotic hypnosis fiction I know my own feelings and I knew them at the time too. I pressured him into having sex with me. Found the internet! Slept with a teacher in high school.

High-school confessions

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Good for you. Fuck the nay sayers. Have you had contact since leaving high school? You should go find her, man. Oops, wrooong thread xD my bad. Created Nov 2, Top posts october 6th Top posts of october, Top posts Best penthouse stories Back to Top.