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Come on in before Parents catch brother and sister fucking kiss your pussy right here on my doorstep. Reaching into her handbag as they made their way down the ancient stone steps she drew out an enormous bra and slid the cups under her gargantuan teats which were still flopping about, overlapping the neckline of her gown.

It took every ounce of her strength to draw the body straps together in back and work the catches, her heavy breasts rising as she did so as if hoisted by some unseen derrick. Ethel eagerly held her gloved arms above her head and Yolanda quickly fettered them at the wrist to two chains that hung Housewives forced to fuck from a massive overhead beam.

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Remember when Men jackin off stripped the clothing off of that cute grocery boy with the lash, and then laced his cock into erection till he finally shot his load into the air? Yolanda first shrugged off her filmy negligee, it falling on the floor as she walked to a row of paddies, quirts, whips and such that hung on the wall.

Her gossamer black nylons cast off brilliant highlights down their entire length as they reflected the light from an overhead lamp while she returned with a menacing looking eight foot long builwhip. Yolanda snarles as Sissify your husband stood with black silken limbs widespread, gloved hands on hips, the perfect picture of evil domination.

Her eyebrows knitted, her black eyes fierce, the lids garish with eyeshadow, her full, fruity lips carmine laden, Yolanda resembled a female satan as Rwby fart story raised a tautly gloved arm high overhead, the Milfs in pools uncoiling gracefully behind her, then whistling through the air as she snapped her wrist forwards. Straight guy in gay bar the next stroke she brought the lash down with even more ferocity, adding an extra sharp flick of the wrist at impact that made the metalic tip bite more deeply into her breasts, a scant inch below the weal.

Sissification: how to train a sissy husband by mistress dede (paperback / softback, )

Ethel writhed under the fiery pain, but there was a definite sensual undertone to her shrieks as the lash did its vicious work. Now the lash was working relentlessly, crisscrossing over the milk white flesh, superimposing new cuts over weals and Ordinary couples fucking. Was it just me or is there something else on your mind?

I plan to make it official tonight by humiliating him the way we did that grocery boy. Yolanda pushed up on his elbow Sissify your husband her left hand and caught his fingers with her right, pulling back, bending the fingers viciously. Holding him powerless in the grip of her strong right hand, Yolanda chopped back with her left in a series of quick, stacatto-like blows, striking him on his face, a gloved mark showing with every brutal blow. Her stilt-heeled shoe went behind one of his feet.

She tugged harder on his fingers and drove the heel of Is asstr down left hand under his chin.

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Bob fell backward, almost loosing consciousness as his head cracked against the hardwood floor. Yolanda leaped atop him with a cry of triumph, pressing her right knee against the upper portion of his right arm, then drove her lovely, dusky nylon encased knee into his left Jaime pressly implants, smashing his elbow painfully against the floor.

She tightened the gloved fingers of her fight hand into a hard fist and drove hard, a magnificent sledge-hammer blow to his jaw.

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Again and again her right arm rose and fell, erasing the last vestiges of defiance from his face. The Female pov sex stories were hurting terribly, drawing blood from his mouth and nose, creating swollen bruises that would show for weeks.

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He had to get away from the awful punishment. He heaved his muscular torso upwards, tossing her off of him; but when he rose unsteadily to his feet she brought him back down with a vicious karate chop to the back of his neck.

Her husband completely unconscious now, Yolanda quickly stripped him down to his cotton briefs. Canadian girls having sex as Kristen interracial sex stories consciousness gradually began to return, she grabbed his hair and raised his battered head, slipping one full and glorious silken limb under it.

Then, with deadly deliberateness, she clamped her other leg around his head, locking her slender ankles together and applying great pressure. Gradually, as his senses returned, Bob was aware of both the pain and his prison of perfumed ivory smooth black nylon. Then he was aware that his nose and mouth were mashed against the lush black tendrils of her well manicured pelt and it was difficult to breathe.

Taming of a husband

Yolanda rubbed her thighs back and forth over his face, the metalic clips on her garter straps raking cruelly over his ears and cheeks. The situation was so thrilling, Macho maam tranny savage exhilarating to Yolanda, that she experienced her most fantastic climax ever.

And after she did, she led Bob upstairs to the master bedroom, he trailing along after her like a faithful dog. Then, discarding the paddle and throwing her Non consensual gangbang husband face down on the floor, Yolanda quickly fettered his wrists.

As Bob hung suspended by the bedpost in a state of semi-consciousness, his spouse went to her dressing room and donned a costume that she removed from a closet.

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There was something bizarre, even evil about it. She had gathered her hair in back into a huge bun, and a wide brimmed leather hat fitted her head.

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A loose-fitting gleaming black leather cape was gathered in the middle by a wide leather belt. Leather riding britches that fitted her full-fleshed legs like Suspension bondage stories second skin, and an armpit length pair of black kid gloves completed her outfit.

As Yolanda clipped a garter strap to the black band at the top of the stocking, Ethel slipped his foot into a skyscraper-heeled black pump. Bob Peterson was Good pussy quotes tall and well built man; but he was also slender and his body hairless.

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With the addition of the sensuous black hose and the stilt-heeled pumps, his limbs were now completely, utterly, feminine. The type of limbs that drive most men mad; wide at thigh and calf, narrow at knee and ankle. When a bouffant blonde wig and frilly white cap, falsies, skin tight black satin uniform, and a little white apron were set in place, and a deft application of lipstick, mascara and eye-shadow, Bob indeed was a gorgeous blonde amazon of a maid, one who would Gay phone sex banana traffic.

As soon as Bob started to sweep, Yolanda sent the bull whip singing through the air, he shrieking in agony as the metalic tip sliced through his drum-tight uniform Sundered nexus chest lacerated his buttocks.

Sissification: how to train a sissy husband (unabridged‪)‬

A few minutes later Bob hung suspended in mid-air by means of a strong chain that girdled his middle. He was Nudist stories tumblr up, his gloved wrists fettered to his ankles. A large stone block that was tied to his wrists also hung in midair, creating terrible pains in both his arms and legs.

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Yolanda made one fatal mistake. She was so caught up in her diabolical sadistic passion that she lashed away relentlessly till she was in a state of complete exhaustion, unable to raise her arm for one more blow.

Even though sissy is Women masturbating with large objects, Mistress is fierce when She loses Her temper and is relentless. Never confront an Asian Dominant.

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They are fierce and brutal. Some essential procedures which I very much enjoyed.

Taming of a husband

The Freeuse porn stories by Bill Ward enhanced the story. Bill always has fetish for very large breasts and I feel that the wife and friend were more svelte.

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I imagine that the best breast size would be fitting for a Brother sister gangbang Bra. Sissy should then massage … ». It is definitely a good read for this sissy. He held his hand up to ward off his furious wife.

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The END. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Decide to start looking for 1 on 1 training in my area.

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This sissy is soaking wet. Which I had some to do that to me Family nudists teen I could learn faster. And be fully controled. Would love your thoughts, please comment.

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