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This one is really heavy on the set up and really focuses on the unwilling slave aspect. Hope you enjoy.

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Lying down on the couch was Exposing my wife stories. I quit seeing my last therapist because she told me there had been feelings developed on her end, so she referred me to a new therapist and stopped seeing me immediately.

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It was weird since I'd been seeing her for two years and she'd "just grew to love me out of nowhere". Her words.

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So she referred me to Dr. Rajakumari Pantowinar and that was it, I would start seeing Dr. Pantowinar and that was my new therapist. Pantowinar's office was closer and she had a background in my issues, so I knew we'd get along well. See, I'm a normal guy that just likes to see a therapist every now and then.

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It helps with my work stress and allows me a chance to just get everything off my chest in a productive manner. I'm ready to face work and the world after I leave my sessions. Have a seat," she motioned over with a wave, "And you can just call me Raj. There is time for I fucked my mother stories later. She was very pretty with a slightly chubby face and frame.

You could see she had a great body that would have a little fat on it, but nothing too outrageous. She spun around and grabbed the paperwork on her chair, bending over and Short thick dicks out her nice, big, juicy ass. Such a small little burst from such a nice ass did THAT?!

I Breast shrinking stories know how to continue. I continued and we went through the normal motions of getting to know each other. Another brutal stink!

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We continued for ten minutes before she farted again and then something weird started happening. I was falling asleep, sort of. Like, my eyes Girl hypnotized to sleep heavy, but But I'm not sleeping. I can feel my entire body, everything.

My nose, my ears, all the way down to my blood vessels, each one. I could feel everything and I was talking Was that me talking? Or was that Raj? What the fuck? I did that. Because I own you now.


Slavery is a good thing. Slavery Predicament bondage stories men a chance to properly fit into this world by allowing men to serve people like Me. She simply clapped twice, and i dropped into a bowing position. I control it through slavery and hypnosis. I talked with your former therapist and She agreed that you were struggling with nothing more than an identity crisis to be a toilet, and I have decided to allow you the kindest thing of all: I will own you.

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I own you now. I have accepted you as my slave and I will allow you to serve as My personal toilet.

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Let's go to your new home But first, I have a nasty, disgusting, foul fart to let go. Sniff it up for Me. Smell My fart.

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The worst part is that on my hands and knees i crawled. She laid the rancid 6 second fart right Expanding foam bondage my nose. She stomped Her foot and i rose.

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With a snap, i was unable to speak and we Romantic bdsm stories to Her car. She unlocked the Audi and instructed me to sit in the trunk.

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There were bumps and shakes, but finally we stopped. When the trunk opened, i crawled out and was on all fours as we walked up Her walkway into Her home, people staring and laughing as She walked slowly in front of me. People couldn't Pirate key sex calling me "thing".

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They all thought it was some sex thing, but it wasn't! Once inside, Her home was gorgeous. She took off Her coat and set it on a coat rack Wifes first mmf a second That's a man!!! And Her end table is a man! The couch is filled with men, what the fuck?! We all did. When you came to Me, we both knew you had an identity problem! And now it does! Because I am your world, and I press against you when I lounge on you, Transgender forum mtf sofa!

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Because now you're not a man, now you're My property. She walked over and pointed Her ass at his face, smiling at me, "Oh! Don't you worry, toilet! I'm not going to fart on him!

That's your new job! The ottoman talked, "She's going to make you Her toilet, you know. Just come to peace with the fact that She's going to make you eat Her shit. She didn't snap. So long as Revenge of the nerds cheer costume was what She wanted to hear, She seemed to let Her man-furniture talk.

Why couldn't i say anything?! I know your body will crawl over and secure yourself. This is being broadcast out live so people can see I do not take you as a slave, but you will secure yourself in as My toilet. Tell everyone out there for My research what you are and why this is happening," She stamped Foot fetish sacramento foot and i moved.

I have proven in other experiments that men desire to be owned, but this is the most absolute humiliation one can endure: The consumption of another human's feces. Now, I have several cameras mounted, so you'll all see My shit slide from My colon, past My anus, and drop into this toilet's mouth. This box i was in My cousin jerked me off truly a torture device.

The walls were made of plexiglass so you could see in, there was a riser that kept my face near Toilet slave hypno ass with enough room for Her shit to not get mashed back on Her ass cheeks, and the seat was cut large enough for Her to place Herself above me.

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Or, no She farted another baritone stinker, heavy on the bass and emphasis on the "stinker". And then it started A monstrous, two inch wide piece of Her Family nudist erotica started to escape from Her cavernous bowels.

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The smell was horrific, Girl fingerin herself, and spicy all at once. A tear started down my face and then i felt myself involuntarily stretch my mouth open as wide as it would go.