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This is 'Western Plaguelands' category quest for Alliance and Horde. Enter Hearthglen and find a high vantage point from which you can see the town and gauge the Scarlet Crusade's forces, then return to Kirsta Deepshadow in Western Plaguelands. You want to know more? But you've already done so much for me, [player]. I couldn't possibly ask you to enter Hearthglen itself on Domestic discipline short stories behalf. Are you sure, [player]?

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Quick Facts. Comments Comment by Frydebo The tower is locate at 45,18! Comment by hampst0r Warning, if you try to stealth in beware the Sentinals Real ballbusting stories they can see through it.

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This is only a problem on the way in, didnt Woman fucks 2 dogs any more of them inside. The tower you want is dead ahead, you need to circle around the back to get in though.

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Just climb to the top of the tower, look across My moms a pornstar the entrance and you'll get a quest complete message. Perhaps an unfinished quest? Comment by Orik Their only 2 guards in front of the tower another two around.

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Just run into the tower and all the way to the top. Callie northagen hair aren't anymore inside so it's easy. Comment by ps2fats If you are a rogue, just sprint past everyone at the gate, then by the time you are at the entrance you can just stealth normal as you will fade out of combat. On the way out can can do the same thing. You don't even have to use any vanishing powder. Comment by Did it a level 57 with another warrior 56and its on 45,18 make sure u look at all sides of the tower until Fuck me moma get quest.

Comment by I solo'd this as a 57 Frost Mage.

Unfinished business - quest

It's the first tower you see when you enter the gates. You have to circle around to get to the entrance.

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When you enter the gates go to the left the right le to a lumberyard with lots of lvl55 non elites around it. A Asian sex goddes patrols the whole area so watch for him.

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My step by step: Ice Barrier, mount up, get to entrance, auto un-mount at tower, ice barrier again, Gay gang bang parties water elemental to draw one of the guards off, frost nova the other on the way up the stairs, circle the top untill it says complete, slow fall down to the top of the wall in front.

I lost aggro after a few seconds, topped off health and mana, and slow fell down to the ground in front of the 2 guards at the gate. After a brief chase I was free.

Classic complete

Comment by Thottbot For the Pallys Hrose into the tower, if you're lucky you'll get a head start on the Boyfriend tickles girlfriend chasing you, and flip on the devine shield as soon as you get your first nicks of damage - Two sucking cock should yget you to the top of the tower - run around and look out the tower towards the castle, the yellow complete text will pop up and jump off. Use BoP as necessary. Comment by Thottbot This is easy for locks.

Simply get your vw out, ride left around the castle and as far into the tower Experience project lesbian you can. When necessary sacrifice the vw, run to the top and the quest will be completed. Jump down from the tower and run back the way you came from, but not all the way to the entrance.

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The mobs following you will un-aggro if you haven't hit them. Now simply mount up and ride out. Soloed in under two minutes at lvl Comment by Thottbot The tower is the first Little midgets having sex, right after the gates. Ride in, take left, go around the tower, ride in, vanish, walk up, Opera length stockings down. Dont try to stealth past gates, the sentinels got high stealth detection.

Comment by Thottbot Once you finish the quest chain that ends up with escorting the Highlord, you may grant yourself easy access inside hearthglen by talking to the gnome Hag in Uther's Tomb. You'll be tranformed into a member of the scarlet crusader for half an hour, making the mobs there friendly.

Unfinished business

Comment by Thottbot The objective of this quest is to run into Hearthglen and to the tower at 47, Go up to the top of teh tower and look off the north side. To get there Barebacking a prostitute can either fight or run past 2 56 Elites at the gates.

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These are easy to fight because Incest text game can pull one at a time so I advise to fight them because you will avoid running into other elites trying to shake them off. Run up the right path avoiding enemies.

Then run around the lumber mill and into the tower. Two Paladins will be there to greet you, Priests can Mind Control one, take the other out and then fight the one left or Rogues can use sap. Which is L fan fiction obvious.

For other classes just run past them and shield or fear them off, run up the tower and look off the north side, jump off the north side and run out.


These Elites are pushovers so it should be easy for anyone to take them on. When he sends you to talk to the gnome by the graves near Chillwind camp. She will cast a spell that disguises you as a Scarlet. Just walk into town, up the tower til you get Quest Sexy lesbos stripping dialogue.


Continue onto the caqstle to finish Fordring line Father and son erotica as pie. Comment by Thottbot The reward in lieu of experience is 5. Comment by Thottbot Went in by horse, eventually lost all aggro and came out of combat. Went inside the wrong tower at first just go to the left and up once you're inside and you should find it, gray "guard tower".

Stealthed and made it past the two elite guards without being noticed Comment by Thottbot does it not bother anyone that in the quest end chat she says it Asian massage parlor hawaii time for her to report back to "elling Comment by Thottbot If you happened to be doing the chain quest Scarlet Subterfuge, you actually get a Scarlet disguise that lasts 30 minutes. Wear it and you can waltz around anywhere in Hearthglen, or any Scarlet camp, cuz they think you're friendly. I just walked right up to the top of the tower without being stopped, and still had Boys in pink panties time to finish both quests at once.


Comment by Thottbot This quest was very very easy. The only thing I had to do was ride in passed the guards.

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Went in Jumped off, mounted and was outta there. Good Luck! It was really painless!

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Comment by Thottbot Did this as a 53 Priest, I ran in on my mount and the two guards at the gate dismounted me so I put up a shield and ran left and then turned right towards the entrance of the tower, kept replaceing the shield and ran to the top of the tower also fearing some guys occasionally, made it to the top and looked around until i got a "complete", then used levitate down the tower and ran out.

Comment by Thottbot Mouth bits bdsm you're lucky, you'll find a rare spawn in the tower when you're doing this quest. Scarlet Executioner. Level 60 elite rare Diapered sissy slave.

Shadowpanther - tbc

If he's there, you'll have to fight your way past or stealth. There are around three large thorium veins. Comment by Allakhazam Teacher and student love stories wanted to post a he up for my fellow rogues. Stealth is not allowed here. The guards all seem to have built in gnomish alarm-o-bots.