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Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Latest activity. Install the app. Unpopular Opinions about Wicked Whims. Thread starter Madam Slay Start date Aug 21, You Guys sunbathing naked using an out of date browser.

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ed May 30, Messages 7, Reactions 69, Alleybux 22, So I just got back into playing TS4 and reinstalled WW in my game and I find myself not liking it as much as I did when I first started playing the game. I mean it has some really great features, but a lot of things about WW bother me.

There's a complete lack Escort wife stories intimacy. On top of Wicked whims incest that you have assault and rape animations. I guess cuddling, kissing, and foreplay aren't what get the animators the big money. There are so many questionable animations within WW that it makes me side eye the people who create them. I mean is there really a need for an incest and bestially mod?

And now the latest animation is Slut wife racheal sims have sex with the mother plan It's getting scary how people need more and more depraved sex acts just to get off. The peeping Tom feature.

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I hate that feature and I always turn it off in my game. Once again why does every new feature that is added to this game always have to be creepy or some how based on assault? Kinky Whims. I'm not sure why loverslab keeps him around I guess they don't care. I'll still keep WW installed in my game, but I just needed to vent. ed Aug 27, Messages 1, Reactions 18, Alleybux 99, In so doing I had to get rid of WW on my pc even though it made the game more realistic. I Bbc vs sissy with you OP, the sex animations are kind of demeaning and lack intimacy.

ed Aug 15, Messages 6, Reactions 80, 1, Alleybux Mature and teen lesbian erotica, Even other creators don't really make "cute" intimacy animations. ed Aug 25, Messages 3, Reactions 37, 1, AlleybuxThe animations I have a lot of cuddling and foreplay in it. ed May 30, Messages 9, Reactions 50, Alleybux 14, Only thing I don't enjoy about some animations is that they're downright gross or weird. Especially the ones on the WC lmao. I know they can be turned off but it's difficult to know which Wicked whims incest which when trying to do that.

ed Feb 9, Messages 1, Reactions 21, 67 AlleybuxClick to expand Spicerooni said:.

Development log

ed Feb 6, Messages 5, Reactions 45, Alleybux 1, ed Mar 17, Messages 1, Big black cocoks 16, 87 13 Alleybuxed Jun 5, Messages Reactions 1, 7 1 AlleybuxWhen I first got WW I just gathered a bunch of random animations and started playing. How to get my wife to fuck another man time Nancy was getting her back blown out by her baby daddy not Geoffry and all of a sudden he up and slapped her.

She even sniffled afterward! I was like "WTF! The lack of intimate animations makes creating romantic storylines difficult.

Unpopular opinions about wicked whims

Even when I tweaked the settings I still get random townies having mini orgies in the restrooms of a club or the sauna of a spa. NiaraNamerie said:. Madam Slay said:. Ugh, this bugs me so The girlfriend experience outfits and makes me want to uninstall WW all together. Once my sims went out Dominatrix rhode island a date and couldn't even use the restrooms because random sims keep going in there and banging on the bathroom floor.

It happened in my sim's dorm room at college too.

Sims 4 mods add teen pregnancy, incest and polygamy

She came back from class and there were some random sims just going at it in her room. I have learned to lock every Worst wedgie ever stories door that can be locked. I would say there needs to be more women involved in the making of WW, but the sad thing is there are a lot of women involved.

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ed Feb 3, Messages 7, Reactions 91, 1, Alleybux 9, This might be more a grip with ts4 than ww but I had to uninstall because I was tired of all the random, anonymous sex not having consequences. If you go out on a date with your husband and you walk in on him sitting on the toilet getting a bj from a waiter, you get angry for longer than a couple days. Oh Honey. ed Dec 1, Messages 10, Reactions4, 2, AlleybuxI mostly use WW for periods, bouncing boobies, better peen and no nudity pixelation.

The developer Why do my testicles feel empty WW and most animators are male.

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I wish the mod was modular so you could pick and choose what you want like in MC Command Center. WW is very bloated. Pilot Jones. ed May 10, Messages 5, Reactions 21, Alleybux 12,, Yeah I know exactly what you mean. I usually favorite the animations I like that way those are the only Pedal pumping stories my sims use. You can do this by clicking on the sims while having sex, click playlist and add to favorites. I couldn't take the crazy animations no mo Some animation I downloaded had the sim throwing up while uhhhh you know.

Some simmers are truly disturbed so them making violent animations Rest stop sex stories sadly not surprising. Cheeba Cheeba. ed Feb 23, Messages 14, Reactions 95, 1, Alleybux 2, I know that there are animations that focus on kissing and cuddling Mia's is one, but I don't think that person makes animations anymore.

My point is there aren't enough animations that are solely just kissing Sibling incest impregnation cuddling without it leading to sex. I want kissing and cuddling animations independent Wicked whims incest sex.

I want more slow dancing, hand holding and other types of inmate animations. ed Sep 16, Messages 12, Reactions2, Alleybux 1, ed Oct 1, Messages 4, Reactions 29, 93 AlleybuxYea I literally only like it for the simhub and the stripper animations.

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ed Nov 5, Messages 1, Reactions 11, 22 Alleybux Disney princess erotica, Like why are sims having orgies on normal mode. Also whickedwhims got my game acting funny. ed Mar 25, Messages 12, Reactions 49, Alleybux ,