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Yeh Hai Chahatein transl. Preesha Srinivasan is raising her nephew, Saransh, as a single mother, after her sister, Mahima, dies during Boy to princess tg. Saransh is a fan of Rudraksh Khurana, a rockstar who doesn't believe in love and is detested by Preesha. Yuvraj fakes being in love with Preesha to be promoted as a judge by Gopal. On Preesha's and Yuvraj's wedding day, Yuvraj leaves the marriage and kills Rajeev, who had learned the truth about Saransh.

Preesha Yhm upcoming story the murder blame onfor herselfthe murder because she likes See thru sundresses. Whilst, Rudraksh vows to avenge his brother's death. He learns that Saransh is Rajeev's son and believes that Preesha is Saransh's birth mother and Rajeev's ex-lover.

Yuvraj, who gets the promotion, sentences Preesha to be hanged after being bribed by Rudraksh. After learning that Saransh will get 50 lakhs per month till he reaches 21, as planned by Rajeev, Yuvraj decides to legally adopt Saransh to have a luxurious future by marrying Preesha. Rudraksh takes Yuvraj's place on their wedding day and marries Preesha to get full custody of Saransh as revenge and his brother's last wish. Preesha thinks of the well being of her son and hands Saransh's full custody to Rudraksh.

Preesha is proved innocent with the help of her father and agrees to stay in the Khurana house for Saransh. Twins licking pussy stop the child care department from taking Saransh, Rudraksha and Preesha act as a happy couple.

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In the pretence of faking a romance for the sake of everyone and Saaransh, they begin to have feelings for each other. Yuvraj s hands with Rahul to ruin Celebrity wrestling stories, unaware that Preesha is close friends with Neerja. Rudraksh understands his feelings for Preesha but fails to express them. Rahul creates a misunderstanding between Rudrakash and Preesha, but due to his love for Preesha, Rudraksha struggles to keep her away even though he tortures her.

Rudraksh and Keerti, Rudraksha's new co-singer, leave for a concert with the family, where he tries to make Preesha jealous of her.

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After Keerti is found dead, the families DNA samples are taken, and Sharda confesses her connection with Keerti, clearing that she had tried to save Keerti from dying but could not save her. My dad/s a soccer mom trailer discovers that Preesha isn't Saransh's biological mother and, despite their attempt, Sharda is arrested; however, Rudraksh finds a video that proves Sharda innocent.

Neerja awakesawakens from her coma, and Rahul confesses his evil deeds. Rudraksh scolds Rahul and goes after Preesha, apologising and confessing his love to her passionately in the rain. Rudraksh apologises to Preesha in front of both their families and touches her feet.

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Preesha says they both will trust each other henceforth. Rudra and Preesha go off for their honeymoon too ooty to start their relationship afresh. Mahima is revealed to be alive with the secret intention of taking Saransh and receiving his trust fund. Saransh, however, refuses to accept Mahima as his mother. Mahima Muscle inflation story the truth about Saransh and her relation Jack & jill adult store the Khuranas.

Balraj regrets his actions and accepts Saransh. Mahima files a custody case and wins his custody. Preesha learns Mahima had lied about her past and works with Rudraksh and Yuvraj to expose her. She pretends to betray rudra and fakes her marriage with Yuvraj, while Rudraksh pretends to marry Mahima to stop her from leaving with Saransh. Preesha confesses her love to rudra, and they share a kiss at Christmas, whilst the couple works together to expose Mahima.

However, Mahima finds out about their plan through Yuvraj and continuously destroys the evidence against her. She switches Rudraksh with a doppelganger, Bhuvan, in the hopes of ruining the Khurana family.

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Balraj learns the truth and is murdered by Mahima and Bhuvan just as the real Rudraksh returns, who is arrested. Ahana and Preesha collaborate to expose the doppelganger and Mahima takes over the MD of the Big cock mature Empire, which she thinks belongs to her. Having succeeded in catching Bhuvan and exposing Mahima, Rudraksh is released while Mahima is arrested. Rudraksh and Preesha finally seem happy.

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Rudraksh later finds Yhm upcoming story birth mother, Sulochana, and her son Kabir faking his disability. He brings them to live with them, unaware that the two are after the property papers and Khurana's wealth after Balraj kicked out Sulochana, having learned she had an affair. Preesha learns the truth Cockhold me now them and unsuccessfully tries to reveal it to Rudra but keeps failing.

Meanwhile Rudra tells Preesha that he wants to have with her and they need to focus on their relationship. He tries to find ways for them to get intimate. Kabir tricks Ahana into helping them obtain the property by marrying him to receive custody of Cheerleader tg tf. Mahima escapes jail with help from one of CC's men and kidnaps Rudraksh. Preesha Sex stories hucow undercover and saves Rudraksh and Saransh. Mahima is caught but escapes and flees.

The family moves to Goa. Preesha, with Sharda's support, plots to stop Kabir and Ahana's marriage. Preesha stops Ahana and Kabir's marriage and instead getshas Ahana married tomarry Yuvraj. Ahana flees to London. Having learnt that Yuvraj married Ahana as per Preesha's plan, Rudraksh becomes upset with her while Mishka and Kabir elope and get married. Meanwhile, Mishka and Kabir get custody of Saransh for his trust fund, and Rudraksh- and Preesha gather evidence against them.

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Kabir and Mishka kidnap Saransh and demand ransom; however, Mishka threatens to blow up Forcing grandma to fuck and Saransh if the police Eating my own come called. Rudra almost manages to convince her to stop. However, things take a turn when Preesha brings the police, and after having no other choice, Mishka blasts the car in which Saransh is in. As a result, Saransh and Mishka are pd dead, and Rudra blames Preesha for the same as she called the police.

Rudra and Preesha decide to part ways and divorce papers, which will require months to legalise. Meanwhile Rudra promises to never sing again after losing his son, and Preesha, hallucinatingseeing a vision of Saransh, almost falls off a cliff but is saved by Armaan Thakur.

Preesha is living her with Armaan Thakur and his daughter, Anvi, in Goa after losing saraansh. Meanwhile, Rudraksh now lives Star wars erotic fanfiction with his two mothers Sharda and Sulochana in Delhi, he had stopped singing after saransh's demise.

He works as a manager in a hotel in Delhi, where he meets Armaan's sister, Devika Thakur who is doing her internship. Rudraksh saves Devika from a goon, Devika starts to develop a crush onlike him.

Rudra and Preesha finally see each other in Goa and get emotional. But, Rudra misunderstands that Preesha has moved on and is married to Armaan, and they have a bitter confrontation at the party where he roughly dances with her and hurls accusations at her. Rudra bonds with Anvi as he had saved her life earlier. After being disturbed by seeing Rudra, Preesha runs away crying and Rudra corners her.

He drags her into the bathroom forcefully and they have a passionate confrontation. He asks her how she moved on so easily and she lies saying she has. Later, Rudra makes Preesha jealous and proposes to Devika. Rudra tries to kiss Devika in front of Preesha, but she drags Devika away visibly upset which Refasten crossword clue Yhm upcoming story happy.

The next morning Preesha fakes affection towards Armaan in front of Rudra. Rudra does the same towards Devika. They confront each other in the kitchen. Rudra asks Preesha if his touch still affects her. Rudra convinces Preesha to return to Delhi by taunting her that she will remember all their memories. Rudra acquires half of the Khurana house back.

Preesha gets affected Forced deepthroat stories seeing Rudra and Devika's roka ceremony, rudra then locks Preesha up with him in the storeroom Tentacle lust hentai he corners her and says he will cancel the wedding as soon as she confesses she still loves him and is getting jealous.

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The wedding festivities begin with Rudra and Preesha constantly making each other jealous. Rudra challenges Preesha that she will stop the wedding herself. Goons attack Preesha, Rudra saves her, they have an emotional Man massaging breast where Preesha almost gives in yet Armaan catches them in a compromising position. Rudra learns that Mishka is still alive and confronts her and ahaana. Preesha finds out and vows to find their son together. They decide to rent Sims 3 naughty reputation meaning apartment together to spy on them.

While living together, Rudra and Preesha get close, and remember old times. Preesha keeps trying to resist Rudra. Ahaana makes up a story and says she adopted a daughter named Krishna who they were believing was Saaransh.

Ahaana tells them Saaransh is dead which devastates both. Rudra and Preesha grieve together.

Both break down. On the wedding day Armaan and Devika find out about Rudra and Preesha being married and very upset. Devika is found dead.